23 comments on “If the official currency of Japan was changed from yen to Kamei Eri’s panties (+4)

  1. I know it’s your website and all, but I wish you would translate more posts that are actually about the idols or the wotas lives, not stupid shit like this.

  2. I wonder how often someone is about to start a thread like this, but they hit delete at the last second.

  3. If it was Ogawa Makoto’s panties I would search the area for her managers and inform them of the lost piece of clothing. Since Mako-chan is from a poor family, the recovery of lost clothing might make the difference for her and her family eating for the next couple of days.

  4. “22: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/10/16(月) 22:24:16.06 0
    10,000 yen = black panties
    1,000 yen = red panties
    100 yen = beige panties
    10 yen = panda panties
    1 yen = white panties”

    I think this guy way, WAY underestimated the value of a Kameipan of any color.

    • There has to be some small denomination. But maybe instead of any color being 10 yen, it would get into fractional panties.

      Overthinking dumb joke thread from 8 years ago.

  5. Massive Kamei love in this thread, i dont even know how to control myself… The color coded panty idea is genius though they would have to create a higher form of currency if they introduced Kamei thongs into circulation

  6. As for the Ogawa and Yasuda dropped panty situation, im sure the appropriate thing to do is call the police so they can dispatch the Hazmat and Bomb Squad teams… Pretty sure those panties are included on the bio terrorism weapons list

  7. LOL!
    I love how in depth these discussions get XD
    The peeing in the shower one is just hilarious XD

  8. Why is my favorite blog being spammed by ED pill pushers? We have Funaki/Mizuki/Yanagawa/Makino in bikinis for that issue, you know…

    • Spam’s always an issue with WordPress. I always delete it, but sometimes it can take me a while before I notice it.

      • Henkka,

        That comment wasn’t aimed at you-you do an outstanding job of maintaining this blog. I (and I’m sure all of your other readers) was just upset that you have to deal with that sort of nonsense at all.

        It was also pretty useless spam, since, you know, Fukuboobs… :)

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