36 comments on “Did you know that Morning Musume has a member that you can only see if you’re not a virgin?

  1. Wow wow wow this is a little creepy O___O better check it with my non-virgin best guy friend then

  2. 61: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/06/28(水) 08:35:07.18 0
    Does that mean that if you were to penetrate Sayu, you’d no longer be able to see her…?

    That’s why butt hole exists.

  3. If you look at the picture and use an onahole (or similar items), she appears as a ghostly visage of angelic beauty.

  4. > Henkka: Rivals as they may be, the picture below has always been one of my favorite two-shots with Sayu and Yumichon. Just how cute are these two together?

    Hey! How are you managing to see both of them?

  5. Yumichon is Tsunku’s personal bitch…. rumors say she was a regular at Tsunku’s newyear gangbang blast… is it true?

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    • I’m surprised you didn’t stutter as you said that. Sorry but Yumichon is still in MM. We’ve been still active posting Yumichon stuff on her thread on Hello! Online. Too bad some people can’t see the thread nor her Wiki page.

  7. Are you guys sure this isn’t Kimura-san? I swear Fujimoto was talking
    about her to Sayu during the H!P Countdown MC and Sayu didn’t know who she was. So it’s safe to say Sayumi is still a virgin… for now.

    • Awww… look at the non-virgin. Hey everybody! Come here and check out the non-virgin.
      Happy now? :)

  8. I always wondered why they were called “Guardians 4” when there were clearly 5 members.

  9. It’s funny how Michishige and Eririn were always hanging out with Yumichon but Reina never did seem to notice her.

  10. I’ve always wondered why Sayu is leader instead of Yumichon, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.

  11. It’s rather disturbing to see the name “Naito Yumi” thrown about so carelessly both here and on 2ch…

    To clarify, I first saw the alias “Naito Yumi” used as a placeholder name in an idol-related ghost story, or rather urban legend, that had circulated at some point prior.

    In summary:

    A girl auditioned for her favorite idol group; she ended up rejected, as many do, but later killed herself out of depression. Time went by, and people forgot. I’ve never seen the girl’s, nor the group’s, actual name revealed.

    Then a girl started showing up in the crowd at concerts. Most fans didn’t pay her any mind, but the few that did realized she wouldn’t dance or follow along to the music at all. She just stood there, blankly staring at the stage for a portion of the show, until people lost sight of her (usually when the lights were dimmed or simply due to the movement of the crowd).

    At the time (sometime around or over five years ago), supposedly there would be at least one report per month from anonymous fans that would claim to have seen her in the crowd, only to have lost track of her at some point later. Photographic evidence, oddly enough, never seemed to surface. The weirdest thing about all of this was that it wasn’t happening around just one idol group – the girl was being spotted around many different amateur idol groups in the greater Tokyo area at the time.

    It’s inevitable that stories like this pop up around groups from time to time…it’s just odd to see the name “Naito Yumi”, after so long, being used in such a…strikingly similar way.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Henkka ^_^

    • 2 is clearly the ghost of Naito Yumi who is using the minds of the 2ch users to get that slight bit of recognition she always craved in life.

  12. 13: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/06/28(水) 07:56:56.43 0
    I was surprised when I first saw her on TV right after I’d lost my virginity. She doesn’t have much in the boobs department, but she’s very pretty with her short black hair.

    So this guy saw had seen her around Wagamama days. Maybe he’s the one who took this photo after seeing her behind Haruna and Masaki: http://i.imgur.com/QlcWcbHl.jpg

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