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  1. Somehow, it hurts to me reading news and seeing stuffs about Yuukarin, though she is not my oshi and even when she seems to be enjoying her ordinary life.

  2. Graduated first gen members were wonderful and talented but also weak-willed.
    They couldn’t stand the heat and got out of the kitchen.

  3. Yukarin is tooo cute to describe in mere words<3 I can't help but feel jealous of the lucky bastard; who is going to see her all bared. She has such an angelic smile, that soothes my soul and clears my mind of all evil thoughts…. makes me want to protect her.. cuddle her… help her.. make her smile… Yuukarin forever….

    • Her smile clearly doesn’t soothe your soul and clears your mind of evil thoughts if you’re thinking such things as “I can’t help but feel jealous of the luckyblahblahblhablah*vomitsound*”… If I were Yuukarin, I’d feel disgusted by your comment… Oh wait, even though I’m not her I still feel disgusted by your comment.

    • that’d be awesome xD me want to hahaha

      seeing her ordinary life picture, lol, those guys sure do look weird. i guess she doesn’t have any boyfriend from there, right ?

    • Im gonna hope for the best and wish for a Kamei one night only stage appearance but a Kamei only spectator report would be fulfilling as well

  4. Was this guy writing all this down during the concert? He couldn’t possibly remember every pen light color change.

    • Actually now that I think about it, he was probably filming her with his phone. That sounds like his style. I will now wait for the footage to appear on YouTube.

    • When I went to berikyuu’s Paris concert the guy next to me spent a lot of it taking notes. My friend said that some fans do that so they can post about it in detail on 2ch, so yeah most likely he probably was sitting there with a notepad taking notes.

  5. With this detailed penlight data, we can try to pinpoint her position during the audience shots of the bluray, once that gets released!

  6. Yuukarin was my S/Mileage oshi (now Rinapuu) and I wish I could have been there. I probably would have watched her singing and dancing too. Although, I wouldn’t have been memorizing/writing down her actions.

    I’d kill to see a Yuukarin version of the concert though.

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  8. Yuuka’s graduation is probably the saddest moment in my H!P fandom. She was my favorite Egg for a really long time, and easily in my top 5 favorite H!P members. I always find myself torn when i see pics or news of her like this. Cause on one hand I feel she left cause she didn’t want that kind of attention anymore and just wanted to be an ordinary girl again so i wish people would just leave her alone. On the other hand i love reading any news or seeing the pictures of her. I’m such a hypocrite.

  9. just a round of applause for this man who sacrificed the whole Budokan concert to stare at Yuukarin lol… Thats fandom at its highest level….

    Special shout out to Yuukarin changing her light to red when Morning Musume performed, gotta love that center bond :)

  10. i don’t know what to say, either the summary of the concert or Yuuka’s attending report…
    that guy is top of our level.

    i need some report like that at Aichan and Reina’s grad con.

  11. I didn’t really know this girl…
    After reading /6, /7, /11, /12, I know she’s a shithead.

  12. I suppose I should be getting my info in some legit way, but how does a S/mileage concert have an appearance from EVERY other major H!P group including the flagship?

    • Well, Morning Musume’s Budokans are usually for member graduations, except the one from the CHANCE! tour, but Ju=Ju and S/mileage attended.

      In C-ute’s Budokan, Berryz performed, and vice versa.

      I think it’s really because all of the groups were proud of S/mileage. Like it was a gift. They went through their down time (Choto Matte Kudasai!-Yattaruchan/Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!), so the fact that they were able to pick themselves back up, and sell out their Budokan is pretty damn amazing. Unlike the three other groups, it took S/mileage’s Budokan a while to sell out, but they still did it.

      Also, S/mileage doesn’t really have a sister group (Berryz-Cute) and no one was graduating (Morning Musume.), so I guess that is what the whole message thing was.

  13. I noticed that she never really changed her penlight to Fukuda Kanons colour until the very end.

  14. The use of “stalker” in the title of this post is so misleading. This guy didn’t follow Yuukarin to the concert. It was just a simple coincidence that Yuukarin sat near his vicinity. He didn’t plan this. With that said, there is nothing creepy about his behaviour. He just took the opportunity that presented itself and admired/observed Yuukarin without disturbing her. There is no invasion of privacy here since its a public event in a concert hall.

    • Stalker/Stalking is a term that is also applied to a person that dedicates their time watching someone without said-person’s knowledge or permission (she’s a regular civilian now, fans knows she gives zero consent to it).

      Yes, the wota didn’t plan or track Yuukarin or bother following her when she left; from what we know, it was pure coincidence (an exciting one at that). But that only means he’s not a serial stalker. “Stalking” is still accurate enough a term considering he paid full attention to her rather than a general observation here and there. Wota is not an excuse.

  15. So this one guy just see yukari or didnt the guy/girl next to yukarin notice or anyone when enetering budoken?

    • Most don’t notice a celebrity if they don’t dress or act like their public image. Yuukarin, as long as she covers her mole, is probably one of the easiest (former) H!P members to blend in with the public.

  16. imma gonna let you finish but… oh, you’re finished… but yukkarin don’t care about the hello kids!

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