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  1. I have a lot of experiences with her.
    It’s very fun. (I’m not a foreign look but I always tell her where I came from)

    She concentrated every word I tried to say with her.
    (I’m not fluent Japanese so I think it’s kind of hard to understand)
    She’s so kind. TvT

  2. She will only speak to me in English even though I’m French and can barely understand her. I’ve told her I speak Japanese, but every time she says, “No.” Then speaks English…well as much English as Maa-chan knows

  3. Haha fun read (but I dunno if I’d get unnerved or rather thrilled by their reports over Maachan experience.)

    i’ve read some reports from H!O users. Mostly they said Maachan was shy on them or stupified to see a foreigner (most likely caucasians.)

  4. This child is so insane that even the staff can’t contain her. Amazing.

    I wonder what she’ll be like in New York, even if she doesn’t have time to spin around and hide.

  5. Maa-chan is just so perfect <3

    She has a talent for catching people off guard. I wonder, has anyone else been tested with OG questions from Maa-chan?? If it is common she probably hopes people get answers wrong so she can believe she is the reason they are fans aha!

  6. I’m a huge white guy, and the first time I met her (group handshake) she seemed terrified. When I met her a year later at a solo handshake event she just seemed bored.

  7. I shook hands with Masaki in March. She was my first. Actually, did a 2-shot first. She was very quiet but looked stunning in the pic.
    For handshake, she looked attentive and relatively professional. I was 3rd in line, first handshake session. I’m 6′ blonde, relatively buff guy.
    I told her I came from America to see her. She thanked me in Japanese.
    I told her she was my favorite member. Another shy thank-you.
    My time was up. As I left, I said “Bye-bi!” She smiled and gave me a “Bye-bi!”
    That made it a good experience.

    At a later session, I’m waiting in Riho’s line. Hasn’t started yet. I hear Maa scream, “AYUMI!” We all laughed.

  8. Maa-chan reminds me of a zoo animal in a good way though… People come expecting they wont be able to make any contact and are content with watching her run around all crazy, there are even times when she doesnt appear and visitors wait patiently and hope to catch a sight lol…Shes even caged up by the staff so she doesnt get loose lmao

    This thread just made me even more excited for the NY concert, i cant wait to see them in action

    • Zoo animals however could provide for themselves if they weren’t held there. Maa-chan probably couldn’t.

      (I’m sorry)

  9. Thank you so much for the translation!
    “I’m satisfied even just reading about her antics here.
    I hope Maa-chan never changes.”

  10. In March, I had the 2-shot and handshake with her,
    For 2-shot, when I got in her booth, she bow her head and said “Onegaishimasu”. Then I show the picture which she put her finger over Reina’s head to the staff and tell him that I want her to do this. btw, she saw that pic and said “Okay Okay~” to me (> <). And when I got out of her booth, she said "Arigatougozaimasu" and wave her hand to me.
    In handshake event, I told her where I come from then I asked that did she know my country, she suddenly reply me that she knows (I don't know I should believe her or not but the way she reply me is so cute ). Finally, she said "Arigatougozaimasu" and wave her hand to me till I get out of her booth

    Maa-chan is so kind and adorable, I really want to see her again (; – ; )

    ps.Sorry for my poor English

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  12. Man, I’d pay just to see her goof around. I’m likely to be starstruck anyway and won’t be able to talk properly at all.

  13. Does anyone know where can I find this NHK WORLD live performance?
    After seeing ma-chan with that expression, I need to watch so badly.

    • That was from the “what is love” j-melo special…you should be able to google it, but if it doesnt come up, I have the ep saved somewhere

    • I saw that special. You might be disapointed I think she was only speaking the words not singing them.

      BTW, What is this Tsunku “Midsummer Nightsdream” thing I’m typing over?

    • Without knowing that it’s not a live performance, I don’t think I will be able to find it.
      Thanks a lot! Finally, I found this one!

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