28 comments on “Let’s think of good excuses for graduating and send them to UFA (+7)

  1. Yay, got Tsunku in a pond!

    > A H!P Sports Festival you wouldn’t want to attend
    Wow, these are so terrible. Made me laugh pretty hard.

  2. “425: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/03/13(月) 07:34:31.52 0
    Someone would have hidden Reina’s shoes so she’d have to run barefooted.”

    Wait, why wouldn’t someone want to watch this? I can just imagine Reina’s yankee demeanour shattered by the indignity as she discovers her inner masochist.

  3. “Invariably always ending her sentences with the English word “motherfucker.””

    Too bad this didn’t happen, it would have been epic.

    • Knowing Ogawa, she’d be dropping it left and right without any idea of what it actually meant, LOL

      And I completely agree, it would be absolutely hilarious

  4. >511: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/03/13(月) 13:49:47.36 O
    The tables are turned and it’s the wota who have to do all the sports. The H!P members would all watch us while jeering and laughing their asses off.

    I would pay good money to see this. In fact, I think many wota would absolutely love this idea…

    Someone make this happen please! <3

  5. Damn this Tsunku flower background goes well with >>44 about the Sports Festivals. What have you done Henkka D:

  6. When it’s Fukumura’s turn, the princess will finally realize that only the truth will set her free. So, on that day she announces her graduation, she will finally come clean to the public on the real reason why she had to leave:

    Fukumura: I’m sorry if this might come as a shock to all of you, but I have decided to retire from MM and H!P because three months earlier, I have been fucked by pussypounder-san and I have naively allowed him to give me a creampie. As a result of the Nakadashi, I am now three months pregnant carrying his baby. As Pussypounder-san has agreed to take responsibility for impregnating me, I shall take mine by voluntarily resigning from Hello Project and Morning Musume effective immediately.

    • Not bad,
      Maybe stick to a classic 3 act structure, introduce a new character or two halfway and add a few plot twists. then pad it out to be ten times longer. You’ll be a million dollar author in no time.

  7. Good point about the meaning of “graduated” and “retired” being seemingly switched.

  8. Dropping 8 threads at once, the madness lol

    -That Umeda graduation comment got me, i chuckled a bit
    -Kanna must’ve had the worst bunion ever in the history of mankind
    -Im quite curious now as to what Charmy was talking about, that wondering may haunt me for the near foreseeable future

    -U dont know how much i’ve thinking about the revival of the H!P sports festival, i’ve been thinking about this even before this was posted… I wanna see so badly the next gen go head to head against each other cause all of them are quite athletic, more-so than the average member of the past… I personally think the Yajima would be outclassed by the new gen and that either Riho, Eripon, or Takechan would come out on top, Rikako would also do some damage

  9. damn, murakami looks beautiful. doesn’t she look like matsuura in some way…? it might have een great if she continued…

    and that matsuura look-alike, i was more likely expecting it to be nakazawa xD

  10. Terada promised me a solo line in the next song if I would ** him.. But I have been ******* him for years now.. I haven’t got more than two line.. That’s why I’m graduating..

      • Is that’s why she shacked up with a wife-beating (not to mention unfunny) comedian who drove his previous wife to suicide?

        • Lol. Anyone remembers in Hellopro time one of the fortune teller Ai-chan and Reina went to told them Ai-Chan marriage would end up in a divorce?

        • No, she did that because she’s an idiot. She ruined Momusu because she was Tsunku’s pet. What that actually entailed, who knows. But don’t tell anyone their idol world is just the same sleazy showbiz…

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