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  1. Whoa. I honestly didn’t expect Gorillaz here, but that’s awesome.
    One OK Rock though, Chisato has good taste m/
    What’s wrong with Sekai no Owari? They have some great songs.

    • SEKAI NO OWARI is kind of unpopular with… anyone over the age of 15, because they give off this image of being pretentious and tacky at the same time. They aim too high and hit too low. Their edgy gimmicks don’t go down well with music lovers, and their cult-like fanbase is enough to turn away casual listeners easily. I mean, from a personal viewpoint, I love “RPG”, but the band really takes themselves far too seriously considering the disposable pop they’re churning out.

      • and yet remember that your well over 15 years old Oshimen wants their lead singer’s dick.
        it’s like the korean boy bands back some years ago.

  2. I remember that in some Buono!-related video (or smth.) Airi sang Kara’s Mr. (“La la la la la la”). It was the end of the videofragment and her voice became muted, but I and my friend could recognize Kara’s song. So she is definetely some kind of K-Pop listener.

      • aichan (and gakisan) have always been huge fans of kpop. you can see them dancing to big bang in the ‘making of’ for Only You on hello pro time

  3. 136: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/01/15(水) 21:11:47.79 0

    Artists on Tanaka Reina’s Walkman

    Amuro Namie, Venus, Ueto Aya, Uehara Azumi, Utada Hikaru, Da Mouth, Oginome Youko, Kato Miliyah × Shimizu Shota, Kudo Shizuka, Kuroki Meisa, Koizumi Kyoko, Goto Maki, Tanpopo, Tanaka Reina, Supernova, TVXQ, Nakayama Miho, Nishino Kana, Hamasaki Ayumi, Fahrenheit, Porno Graffiti, Matsuura Aya, Yuzu, BIG BANG, BoA, B’z, cascade, DA PUMP, EXILE, GIRL NEXT DOOR, GReeeeN, G-Dragon, Hysteric Blue, JUJU, Penicillin, SADS, Siam Shade, SoulJa, ss510, Super Junior, SweetS, TWO-MIX, T.M.Revolution, Rainie Yang, Yusuke.

    I think the most amazing part of this statement is that Reina has a Walkman.

    • the most amazing thing is that she doesn’t carry around a gigantic 80’s boombox. otherwise it’s cool that she seems to listen to all recommendations from fellow musumes.

    • In her blog, she said she watched some movies with Jack Black (one of them being Tenacious D, which Junko – Dolce’s ex member, the Buono! band during their concert tours, listed as “super great”). She added that he was an amazing actor and his taste for rock was inspiring, and she’s now listing “School of Rock” as one of her favorite movie. But I doubt she listens to them often.

      On the contrary, she listens to artists like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato an awful lot. Leona Lewis is among them, too. She’s not really a K-POP fan but as medsik said previously, she did sang and danced to KARA’s “MR.” on Tsubokko when she was promoting Ousama Game with Kumai Yurina.

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