18 comments on “Fukumura Mizuki’s rocket boobs

  1. For all the differences between the Japanese fans and the overseas fans, it’s nice to know that there’s some things we all agree upon.

  2. I can’t imagine her being anything but shy for now, but in a few years I can see confident leader Fukuchan proudly announcing her cup size on a variety show. She could take a similar approah as Sayu does–but with boobs instead of cuteness.

  3. Fuku-chan could TOTALLY do the “Gyu” chest squeeze that Okada Yui used to do! Wotas would go nuts if she did!

  4. damn, henkka . i think i had trouble accessing this blog for almost a whole night ’cause of boobs bandwidth…

  5. I only worry that her boobs will become her defining feature. I really think she has more to offer than a great chest. H!P fans are hyperventilating now (and for the past few months) since few musume girls have the same chest. As we get more accustomed to her, we will probably stop sounding like construction workers.

  6. Sorry to derail the topic but I’d love if you could translate a thread about the reaction to Ai No Gundan

  7. Everyone is crazy about Fuku’s boobs, but it seems that no one noticed that Eripon’s, Oda’s and Zukki’s aren’t bad either…

  8. I’m with the user “number244”, I hope people can someday appreciate her inner features too.

    And of course everyone won’t be amazed at her chest’s greatness, you know the ones that doesn’t have a “huge boobs are the best” syndrom.

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