34 comments on “What would you do if your 3rd oshi confessed her love to you in front of your 1st and 2nd oshi members?

  1. This is a very hard question for me. It’s because i got so many Oshi…

    In C-ute: 1st Maimi, 2nd Airi
    In Ju=Ju: 1st Yuka, 2nd Aina & Akari (tied)
    In Berryz: 1st Yurina & Saki (tied), 2nd Miyabi, 3rd Risako
    In MM: tbh i’m not know the current member of MM except Sayumi. I’m not follow them for a while and now i’m into them again. It takes time for me to know each of the member. So this is my list and maybe change in the future.
    1st Sayumi, 2nd Mizuki, 3rd Riho
    In S/mileage: none

    I don’t mind any of them confess to me in front of any other member. But if Maimi, Yuka or Akari confess to me, i’ll be a very happy man :P

  2. Getting confessed to by Captain in front of Momo & Maimi

    absolutely i’ll say YES!

  3. “This is all important stuff you have to consider. You don’t want to let this situation catch you off guard.”

    Well, I guess it’s something to think about when done considering zombie apocalypse plans.

  4. I think I’ll get the boob talk too with Riho and Ayumi if Fuku-chan confessed to me in front of them.

  5. No, I definitely would not. I mean, what would Airi and Sayumi think of me if I started dating Tsunku♂?!

  6. No contest. Of course I’d say yes to Nacky, since Masaki is still an adorable kid and Sayu isn’t interested in guys anyway.

  7. Henkka, is that picture of the 6ki an indication of what your own particular situation would be like if this scenario were to happen? Or was that pic attached to the original thread?

    • Neither actually, I just thought it was a cute and fitting picture. My own situation would have Ayaya and Kamei looking on as Daaishi confesses to me. I’m boring though in that unlike some of the guys in this thread, I wouldn’t be inclined to dump my real life partner. Daaishi would probably feel down about being rejected, but I’d give her one of my girlfriend’s old T-shirts or something to make up for it — in all honesty, she’d probably later come to think that getting a free T-shirt is a much better deal than being my girlfriend anyway.

      Ayaya and Kamei would think highly of me as being a man of integrity and we’d proceed to get wasted at karaoke together. Sometime during the night I’d borrow Ayaya’s cellphone to drunkenly call Tsunku and tell him I fucking love him, just before throwing up on Kamei.

      Life would be grand.

  8. well this is wankeristic… but since my oshi is tsunku, i think he’ll be okay with me dating one of his girls as long as it doesn’t spoil any of his current plans. heck, maybe he would even be willing to be the maid of honour on our wedding day!

  9. ok..so charmy confessed to me in front of kamei & momo…
    me: “don’t let my wife know about this”

  10. I can’t believe some people actually think before dating Fuku-chan, she’s not exactly my oshi, but heck I’d totally go lesbian for her without even thinking!

  11. I don’t have oshi, I have tiers…

    Getting confessed to by my 3rd tier in front of my 1st and 2nd tiers would be like a baaaaaaaaad super-harem anime.

    Tenchi Solution time. B)

    • I kind of have tiers too…
      God Tier- 6th gen minus Fujimoto plus Charmy
      1st Tier- Aichan, Linlin, Eripon, Riho, Oda, Sato
      2nd Tier- Tsuji, Kago, JunJun, Konno, Yaguchi
      3rd Tier- Ishida, Haruna, Mizuki, Ogawa, Gaki, Abe
      What the Hell Was Tsunku Thinking Tier – KOHARU, MITSUI, ZUKKI

  12. If Sayu confessed to me in front of Kamei and Charmy Ishikawa then i would have to turn her down… Thou shalt put no woman ahead of Kamei-sama…. Been a loyal follower in the Church of Kameism forever and it is a sin to love another Idol more than Kamei

  13. Captain confessing to me in front of Chinami and Maasa? Well, first of all, I know them better and they know me well enough that I can say that that would never happen, ha; but let me play along. I would calmly explain to her, to the best of my ability, that my love for Chinami prevents me from even considering the possibility of getting involved, reciprocating that love. Knowing Captain, she’d probably start to cry, and I’d feel terrible about it. I’d try to console her, and I imagine that Chinami (and Maasa) would do the same. Ultimately the’d all be understanding, and Chinami would be even more enamored with me after the fact, hahaha. Honestly, the only H!P/Berryz I’d have trouble rejecting is Risako, because reasons, heh.

    Why… have I, put so much thought into this…

  14. If Fukuchan confessed to me in front of RihoRiho and Maachan… I don’t think I could bear the guilt of seeing their disappointed faces… I’d have to turn down that erotic body just not to upset the cute girls… And I’d end up alone anyway…

  15. i dont have them in order besides kame being the number one, ofcourse it’ll hurt if she won’t be the one confessing.. but it’ll probably airi, maimi,sayumi or even momo somewhere below kame and hell they’re all wonderful idols so i wont mind… dang, i’ll name sayu at third place for this situation xD I’d love to date the woman. even if im a girl. lol

  16. So, Fuku-chan confessing in front of Momo & Airi…
    Easy accept. I don’t see the downside in getting an apartment wife who’s already an Otomomochi.
    Our money would all be spent on Momochi goods. Despite having no savings, all frivolous spending would be forgiven after a ‘Yurushite-nyan’.
    Heck, she’d probably be up for a threesome with Momochi. Now getting Momo to agree – there’s the challenge

  17. if sayumi confessed to me in front of maimi and mizuki… I guess thats a two for one. Mizuki would come running along to join us whenever her beloved leader calls out to her. Having two out of the three seems like an awesome idea but i dont really want that. I dont even want three. If maimi could be my one i would be happy. i love everything about her. maimi is a true beauty. this is my heart talking… my penis is saying Maimi is awesome and all but think about sayus nice little body and mizukis nice melons. Maimi has a nice fit sexy body but sayu has one of those soft smooth petite looking bodies. mizuki is omnomnom… lust or love? damn you hypothetical question!!!

  18. 41 & 57 were pretty funny, even though 57 probably wasn’t even joking.

    Who the heck is Aarii? And who in the Hefner is Ichioka-chan? Some hybrid of Ichii Sayaka and Okai Chisato, sounds pretty wild.

    It would be a thrill to date any of my favourite persons to tell the truth but still this needs some thinking:
    Hmm. Airi and Maimi would be next to me when Captain, or Okai, or Miyabi, or Kumai, or Kamei, or Maa-chan(!), or…is my third favourite one named Or? Hmm, I’m in a pinch alright. Or Tsunku♂, damn!
    “Please Tsunku♂-sama, don’t confess to me in front of Maimi & Airi, yada~…”

  19. Hold on, I have to think about this.
    If Rie confessed to me with Risako and Sayu watching?! :O
    I think the real problem is…
    I’m not attracted to girls, hahaha.

  20. Rikako confessing to me in front of Kamei and Oda..
    Honestly i’d just laugh, call her cute and wave happily at the two others.. then go live a happy normal life.

  21. If Risako confessed to me in front of Gocchin and Aibon, I’d definitely leave my boyfriend.

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