10 comments on “There was this strange sense of happiness in Morning Musume when Gaki-san was the leader

  1. Niigaki: “Ai-chaaan, you have to hear me out! Sato made me play hide and seek with her again all day long…”
    Takahashi: “Haha, lolz.“

    This is funny, since it actually happened xD

    • Indeed. I remember Gaki talking about this on her radio show once. Apparently Maa-chan was pretty poor at hide and seek — Gaki said it took her on average five seconds to find her each time. :)

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work, love reading the japanese side’s opinion about everything. Once again thank you

  3. LOL, this is one of those threads that reflects many of my own private thoughts. I would have loved Gaki-san to have been leader for another year. I agree with #12 and #25 especially — 9th gen should have been given more time to be the little sisters of the group. Zukki, in particular, would have benefitted from a longer transitional period.

  4. For me I wouldve loved seeing Eririn as leader, it seems my girls never get picked for leadership.

  5. yeah, the 9/10 generations definitely didn’t get nearly the same amount of time under their senpais like the 4/5/6kis got, would have been nice to see them develop under the platinum generation for a while.

  6. As a former Gaki wota, this just sooths my mind.
    I really love Risa and I also think more time as a leader would’ve been so cool.

    Although I have to agree: the switch from Renai Hunter to One Two Three was a good choice doing it without her.

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