24 comments on “Things in Hello! Project history that were forgotten about

  1. Oh man, all this just brings back nostalgic memories! XD

    Still waiting for #45 to be honest.

  2. Country Musume’s founding line-up, Sezaki Azusa, Shimmin, Miyoshi Chinatsu, the fact that Linlin was an Egg before being added to MoMusu .. yep, there are many things and people that a lot of people don’t even know.

    I also agree with mm: so many nostalgic memories :)

  3. Frances & Aiko. They /were/ part of H!P with Ice Creamusume, right?

    Coconuts Musume? Mika and Ayaka stayed longer, but…

    • They were. Though Da Xiao Jie is still together as a group, and is still very active in Taiwan.

      – To contribute: THE Possible once being part of H!P (trainees), and those joint events that were supposed to happen with NGP.

  4. Regarding 167, it’s been my dream for years to release subtitled Cyborg Shibata and eventually Cyborg Shibata 3. (Shin Cyborg Shibata was subtitled years ago.) I got all the DVDs just for that purpose, and I’m hoping to make some real progress this year.

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  6. Okay, looks like many (although not all) of you misunderstood the point of the thread, but that is entirely my fault. I realize now that the title may be a bit misleading.

    The point of the thread wasn’t so much things in H!P history that the fans/we forgot about because it’s been such a long time, but things that were supposed to happen/were already happening but then their status got sort of vague and they just disappeared or fizzled away, for example things that the management simply decided to do away with without offering any sort of explanation.

    I gotta fix that title. In the mean time, you guys are all free to call me names. :)

  7. “116: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/06/19(水) 01:40:16.90 0
    Buono!’s Sweden concert.”

    you know nothing, henkka!

  8. Elegies! I loved that subunit (mainly because Aichan was in it, and that sexy dance move, just check the PV XD)

  9. My god, the 116 one… I was so devastated when it got cancelled I can’t even put it into words ;_;

  10. The fact that Miyoshi Chinatsu became a singer again as Tani Rumiko, despite having only released songs on a Korean OST. Apparently, she speaks English. Who would’ve thought? :P

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