13 comments on “Hello! Project to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019 as well!

  1. The 50th single was one two three/the Matenrou show too. It brought Momusu back, and we didn’t even get a proper mv for the Matenrou show.

  2. Well, as far as I know, the Hello! Project as we know it was created in 2000. Before that Hello! Project was only the fan club’s name and before 1999 it was not even called Hello! Project, it was just Hello Club or something, I believe.
    So they can celebrate the name “Hello! Project” this year, and next year they can celebrate the real 20th anniversary.

  3. “Why the hell isn’t it Morning Musume ’19?!”

    The cover images don’t show any ’18 or ’19, so the way it’s listed in the discography is probably meaningless. However, if it was ’18 I’d prefer it over ’19. I hate that “Morning Musume ’14 Coupling Collection 2” contains 0 songs from Morning Musume ’14.

    • Really it should be credited to all of Morning Musume ’97, Morning Musume ’98, Morning Musume ’99, etc…

    • Well, I hate that an album credited to Morning Musume ’18 will contain songs by Morning Musume ’19… and Morning Musume ’14, Morning Musume ’15, Morning Musume ’16, and Morning Musume ’17… as well as just plain old, non-age statement Morning Musume.

      I love Tsunku as much as the next guy. He’s damn near someone I’d call a genius. But even geniuses aren’t perfect. Just because someone is a genius doesn’t mean they always shit diamonds. The idea of “let’s tag the current year after the group name to make it easier for people to tell when everything was released“… that shit wasn’t a diamond. That was just shit.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t love Tsunku. I absolutely do. I just wish they’d do away with his shitty idea already.

  4. For the 30th single, didn’t they release that Mega Mix 30 narrated by Yossie? I remember jamming to that in high school, but I have no idea where it was actually released LOL
    This year I celebrated my birthday for a week and a half (okay maybe it was just me excusing poor eating habits and Treat Yo Self for a week and a half), so I really gotta hand it to H!P for keeping this 20th anniv train chugging.

  5. After Morning Musume,’25 they will graduate the numbers and go back to Morning Musume. since everything must graduate at 25.

    Either that or start using anime inspired continuation names:

    Morning Musume. Shippuden.
    Borning Busume.
    Morning Musume. Dash
    Morning Musume. Re Pure (Each member must refer to the wota as big brother, but say it in a unique way.)
    Morning Musume. R

    Or H!P inspired names:

    Morning Musume.=Musume.
    Morning MusuME.
    Morning Musume. Factory
    Morning Musume. Girls
    Morning Muuuuusume.

  6. LOL, well, the folks from your thread would have had to be pretty clairvoyant in 2014 to make jokes about Beyooooonds or Boruto.

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