6 comments on “Junjun & Linlin were such a fun pair!

  1. It feels kinda weird seeing the 2 of them becoming senpai to the rest of the generation girls.
    I wonder if they still do keep in touch with our dearest little turtle kamei eri? Last time I checked it’s on the picboard last august (2017).

  2. The PANDAS!!!!!!! Arguably the 2 most talented idols ever among all those who were stuck in back row corners… They had so much talent in variety and singing that it was such a waste that they didnt get any push whatsoever.. Junjun and Sanma san had such a natural banter that they could legitimately pass for a Comedy duo. Then there’s that episode of Haromoni@ where she stole a banana from a little kid… Linlin too had such legendary interactions like calling Legendary comedian Tamori san the spitting image of Master Roshi and saying that Arita Teppei of the Shabekuri cast looked like a pineapple that gets no sleep… But the biggest waste was Linlin’s voice.. She was legitimately top 5 in H!P in that era and they had her singing nothing but the chorus in every single… I’m just glad that they still have love from the OG fans and they still keep in touch with past members and follow the current group to a degree

  3. I was not even a fan at the time when they were in the group, but I would’ve loved to see them as senpais.
    If only management let them stay for just 1 more year…

  4. Both of them had great talking skills.
    They were entertaining.
    Junjun’s voice was cute, Linlin was an awesome singer.

    Kuso jimusho at it’s finest :)

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