12 comments on “Junjun’s husband totally looks like one of us! (+1)

  1. Yay, a Junjun thread! And it came with extra feels!

    God dammit I miss them. It really did feel like an exodus when they graduated and were immediately sent back to China and never invited back (presumably) for any OG-related events. I really really miss them!

  2. JunJun.. I still love you, even you’re continue your own path (probably doesn’t have any connection with idol or mm anymore). This article feels nostalgic, and sad too.. Probably because JunJun and other platinum period’s member have to endure those hard path, and tend to be forgotten.. I’m not and will not forget any of the platinum members.

  3. Love you JunJun! I will never forget you and this so awesome Platinum Era!
    Thank you so much Henka for this heartwarming thread :) Wota in Translation rocks!

  4. It feels so good to see so many nice comments about Junjun. I think she was the more popular panda, but I thought they weren’t that well liked (granted, I wasn’t involved in the internet community back then and know nothing).

    That being said, damn, Junjun really becomes cuter every time you see her.

  5. Man.. That sudden realization.. Many of Hello Pro members that I know, adore and have a crush on will one by one get marry.. Soon.. Momosu.. Berryz.. C-ute..

    Damn this Wota heart of mine ._,

  6. i’m jelaous of junjun jejeje she, nono and kei yasuda are the only ones who got them really good husbands xDDDD

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