15 comments on “Kamikokuryo Moemoe: “I hate it when fans call me “Moemoe.”

  1. hahaha i like this! reminds me of when RihoRiho told some looper “next time don’t come as often!”

  2. I think “Kamiko” is a cute nickname either way but jesus christ I would feel so pathetic actually saying “Moe-chan Moe Moe” out loud. I know idol wota are all degenerates but damn, set a cap for yourself.

  3. Oh, and here I was a few days ago thinking how I really didn’t like “Kamiko” that much and brainstorming other nicknames annnnd… Moemoe did come to my mind… Though that was hardly the alternative I liked best. “Moe-nyan” sounds nice~ Unless she hates that too lol.

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