20 comments on “Did you know that you’re actually meeting Michishige Sayumi every day?

  1. seriously… she needs to come back to showbiz… she’d be the perfect news anchor, showmaster or host…

  2. Step one: Mention Sayumi.
    Step two: Spam your entire Sayumi picture collection.
    Step three: ???
    Step four: Success.

  3. As much as I want her to come back, her leaving a ‘legacy’ like this is way cooler. lol

  4. I heard that she’s been spending the last year and a half learning english just so she could secretly post on this site.

  5. I hadn’t looked at pictures of her for a while, so now it really hit me again…



  6. Gap left by Shige-sama.. Berryz-chan.. That one girl whose name can’t be mentioned..

    I’m now with Keyakizaka46.. Damn Hirate Yurina’s voice is so good.. Parco Parco Parco..

    • “That one girl whose name can’t be mentioned..”

      I know. She will be sorely missed in Lovendor (ANGERME will miss her as well).

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