8 comments on “Don’t you guys get nervous at individual handshake events?

  1. The events they have in America give an insane amount of time with each girl so it’s really easy to blank out, I’d imagine. I am a DD with Sakura/Riho concentration so for NYC… With Sakura, I’m actually really chill with, I can have a full conversation with her without being nervous but when I got to Riho, I had a starstruck moment like Holy shit, Hentai Prime is in front of me and I had wanted to jokingly say “Oshioki kibonnu, Sayashi-sama” but I couldn’t get it out. Riho had to bend over and wave in front of my face to make sure I was still on Earth. Other than Riho, I can casually converse with everyone else with no problem!

  2. ANGERME was the first group whose handshake event I attended, only a few months back. I recommend them. I was shy but Kamikokuryo was really easy to talk to, I was surprised. She’s also x1000 more beautiful in person than you’d expect. Rikako was fun. I said I liked her (meaning that she’s my favorite member) and she made a hilarious face, not sure if it was because she thought I was confessing to her or if she was just being herself.

  3. If you ever had a chance to handshake with Meimi you probably know the meaning of joy and happiness. Seeing her very cute smile from up close was so unreal. She’s like 10 times cuter in real life.

  4. Out of all the handshakes, I’d put Captain on the top. I joked with her about her not wearing her shoes.

  5. I was also at the NYC handshake event for MM’14. It was probably more nerve-wracking for the members than it was for some of the fans lol

    The line led off with Sakura, which I thought was an especially good move by the Staff. She was incredibly nice despite the fact that I didn’t have any idea how to say anything worthwhile to her besides a passing, awkward “arigatou gozaimashita”

    Iikubo and Ayumi were amazingly nice as well, and seemed to make an effort to accommodate my lack of functional Japanese

    But then Eripon mercilessly cut me down in the midst of my euphoria with my own broken Japanese, deciding to throw out an incomprehensible rebuttal to my greeting.

    “Ah~” was all I could manage in response…

    …but I guess I would have been disappointed with anything less from Eripon lol

  6. I went to C-ute live in mexico and Maimi was first on the line, so I cant remember anything after her reply “ureshi”. I just loved everything about that day but my handshake with Maimi is just out of the hapiness charts. (I remember waking up from my black out at the end of the line with Chisato telling me something but I was still numb)

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