11 comments on “Ogata Haruna receives written message from Starbucks barista: “I support Morning Musume ’16. ♡”

  1. Looking at the blogs in question, I am struck by the fact that Haruna’s sign off is #ハッシュタグ (or #hashtag). Is Ogata trying for the Wada Ayaka “I don’t understand social media” award?

  2. I don’t think the message is creepy. Maybe a bit surprising but very tame.

    Less creepy than the “Take care” one at least lol.

  3. 24: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/12/27(火) 21:30:39.32 0.net
    That barista is a professional. She obviously knew that she wasn’t in a situation where she could start making a big scene in front of everyone.

    Basically, they’re at work, its better than holding a conversation with Ogata and potentially holding up the line and inconveniencing others

  4. Wow. It’s always a weird scene when a celebrity, especially one you’re enthusiastic about, visits your workplace.

    I’m amazed at the barista’s coolheadedness and professionalism.

    Tl;dr I agree with Novakayne.

    • Robert Downey Jr once came into the coffee shop i worked in in london about 2 years ago. I just nodded my head and made his drink, think he was happy somebody was just serving him and not asking for autographs and selfies and stuff.

  5. >23 Nailed it. That’s true lol
    >35 If that was when you were super skinny Haruna, then yes, you looked unhealthy :(
    >48 Most likely, lol
    >57 I hope that is the case, lol
    >69,>77 & >91 Hahaha, I died x’D
    >66 & >68 I’ve never been to a Starbucks but if they do write these things, it might be kind of interesting haha. But I’d just go once. Though I don’t think I’ll go to one anytime soon :P
    >108 That’d be really unfortunate lol. But good for him/her because it was actually Ogata Haruna. Hooray!

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