52 comments on “Sato Masaki: “I want to write songs for Morning Musume — songs that can move people’s hearts.”

  1. Every time I hear about this girl, I like her more and more. Remember not to call her genius though, she’s a leaf!

    Also, what’s with that first picture? It looks like something from a horror movie or a super depressing drama.

  2. Are the people responding trolling or what?
    I like the one that days her havung basic knoledge of pkaying instruments she d easily make the tradition to songwriting…easily…these guys are super trolled or super deluded
    She talks like tsunku can transmit his genius to her…tsunku could be coaxhing her for years and the result would still be laugh able.

    I m all for her writing her own music, lyrics and the agency accepting it. Laughing is good for the soul.

    Unless i see a video of her pkaying instruments and at least decent… yeah this is just delusions of grandure from a girl that loves in her own little world

    I mean jesus…nasaki a long writer for momusu…cruel joke

      • I m on my phone so i cant watch them but when i watch them at home a few days later it better not be some 2 minute twinkle twinkle little start , kindergarden level bullshit.

      • In all seriousness, when its all said in done Maa-chan has a strong possibility of going down as the greatest Morning Musume Member Ever!!! Its unreal how ridiculously talented this girl is, her genius operates on a completely different level than other idols… I’ve never seen someone grow as fast and have such a natural understanding of every aspect of music.. H!P should just take their leash of off her and start letting her do whatever she pleases cause its bound to be great

  3. Looking at some members, H!P might be better off with them than with their current staff. Masaki has a nice feeling for music. Someone like Sayashi could easily work on better choreographies, thrown Captain into it, too. Okai can do the public work. Sayuki would make everybody try their hardest.

    Of course you have members that aren’t as active or as “agressively” active, but the others that stick out really are special.

  4. If Tsugunaga Momoko can be a “player-coach” and Satoda Mai can be a “general manager” why can’t Masaki♀ be a “player-producer”?

  5. I had to smile all the way through the blog entry… this is why Maa-chan is my favorite member… I know what she’s capable of because as a music teacher you can sense this special gift… she knows how music works… she wants to play a lot of different instruments and she is totally focused… it’s not an easy thing to create interesting new music… but I really want to hear her composition!

    Masaki is indeed the future of Morning Musume and the other girls will grow with her…

  6. A song that can move people’s heart?
    Your challenge Maa: Surpass the greatness of “Be Alive”, and then you’ll also surpassing Tsunku

  7. Give her a shot. Don’t even need to throw millions of Yen behind it just get some studio demos whipped up and release them online or maybe during an event to gauge fan reactions.

  8. Sato is just a spoiled little beat and all her wota are lolicon enablers
    “Oh you are the best, oh you are a genious, oh you can make great music”

    I hope the real world bites her in the ass.
    Hope she turns worse than kago.

    First picture is the real masaki. Mean, poison tongue, huge ego, me me me.

    • Even though Masaki is a spoiled brat who is mean and a poison tongued bully there is a huge list of current and graduated H!P members who L-O-V-E her to death. Strange, huh? It’s almost like she has a lot of redeeming qualities that you’re not seeing, huh?

      • Love her?
        Lol giri and tatemae
        Learn what they mean and get back to me or father dont

        • Social obligations and facade for those who don’t want to Wiki the terms.

          Myself, I take what H!P member blogs, twitter, and radio shows say at face value. I have no basis to determine what is tatemae and what is not.

          Why do you think that you can?

    • (Kago had a rough patch and a hard life following so just let her live, nothings wrong with her.)
      but you’re right about maachan and her fans LOL

    • Alright. I was hoping to get some feedback from you guys on this.

      The commenting policy on here has always been pretty lax. I’ve never once deleted a comment solely because I didn’t agree with it — and there have been hundreds (thousands?) of comments I haven’t agreed with throughout the years. I think for the most part you guys appreciate that about the comments here, too. I like taking the hands-off approach as well.

      But, as always, there are of course people like baskervill who actively and consistently post the stupidest possible shit on here with each comment they make, and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s making the comment section a place no longer worth checking out for some of you.

      As I see it, there’s three ways for me to proceed.

      1) Continue to do nothing. The upside? Well, anything goes — it’s the spirit of 2ch. The downside? Like I mentioned above, it can make the comment section a bit of a shithole at times… though that’s of course a matter of opinion.

      2) Disable comments entirely. Not my favorite alternative of the three, but hey: at least it’s fair.

      3) Take the middle road and be more active in deleting worthless comments that add nothing of value. This alternative could make me a bit of a hypocrite; it’s certainly not in the spirit of 2ch — though it is, I suppose, in the spirit of a matome blog. But more importantly, some of you might be worried that it’s a slippery slope. “Once you delete one comment because you don’t like it, what’s to stop you from deleting all of them?” And while I have no intention of ever making the comment section some sort of a safe space for myself where everyone either agrees with me or has their comments deleted, I understand if you have misgivings about this alternative. After all, it would be just one guy making the decision as to which comments go.

      You can probably tell I’m personally leaning towards the third option. But really, I’m good with any of them — or anything else for that matter if you have a better idea. I’d just like to hear from you guys and see what the general vibe is.

      • I’d prefer option #1…

        sure, it’s always a downer to see a baskervill comment… but I don’t care if he is just trolling or it’s a honest opinion… I’ll always be there to dislike his comments when they bother me… he isn’t spamming or insulting… just talking s**t about something we truely love… so let him be unless there is real spamming or unbearable insults… I guess in this case noone would take offense at a deleted post… except for baskervill maybe…

        but he should ask himself what he’s doing here… what has H!P ever done to him, that he’s so bitter and full of hate?

        • ….. but to deprive of us of such comedic gold. Stupid comments are the life blood of the internet and we have our very own all to our self. Like a dog that keeps crapping on the carpet, lovable but beyond annoying and something we can all have a good laugh over after we cleaned up.

      • Agree with everything. And flattery aside, you’ve never seem like a guy who would easily lose his way and descend into censorship. As long as I remember, the only time you intervene was for some seriously disturbed comments. And I’m sure most users were glad you did so (I sure was!).

        What about some basic ground rules on decency? No insults, no crude remarks. That is not censorship, because you only check the form, not the content. I believe everything can be said openly, as long as it reflects respect and spirit.

        Cross that line, and you’re given a warning. Another warning, and your comment is deleted.

        I believe that’s fair. What do you think?

        • I actually like this idea, but I think it might be too much work for Henkka. I’m guessing this site is more of a hobby for him, and I don’t think he should have to do more work in issuing warnings and such (and having to deal with people whining about getting warnings)

      • A wota posts that because she plays instruments (debatable) she will easily be able to writer songs and im the stupid one?

        Sure, wanna writer a hit song? Learn to half play an instruments or 2 and …. instant tsunku!

        And the rest of the enabling wota are equally stupid kissing her ass like there is no tommorow. Well i guess lolicons like them would love to kiss her ass.

        Its ok you can have your safespace. This is like a tumbler for Males, god forbid reason and sanity intrude. Nooo every idol is a perfect little angel with no dark side, super gifted and shits rainbows.

        • it’s not just about your post here… haven’t you noticed that nobody likes your negativity? there is not a single comment where you have something nice to say…

          I like all of the girls… there is not a single member I truly “hate”… but I respect preferences… if you don’t like Masaki – fine – just skip a blog entry when she’s the topic… do you even have favorite members? do you like their music? it’s not fair to ban you just because you don’t share our enthusiasm… but what’s the goal you want to accomplish here? do you want to be hated by everyone?

          I really don’t know you… and on other social media platforms I’d ignore or block you just because it’s easy and convenient… but here it’s not possible and it’s up to Henkka…

        • “Meh, personally I don’t think Maa-chan’s got what it takes to make Tsunku-level songs, which are pretty high level even for some existing musicians, and these wota seem pretty bias, but this was pretty funny to read nonetheless”


          “Sato is just a spoiled little beat and all her wota are lolicon enablers”
          (plus whatever else you’ve been saying that I’m having problem even understanding)

          Sure, the first comment would get some downvotes, but some people might actually agree with you because you gave a fair point.

          The second comment just stops anybody from taking you even remotely seriously.
          But hey, if you wanna be all QQ about it and bash people out of some prejudice, then by all means. Just enjoy getting bashed in turn. (You sure sound like you enjoy it anyway)

        • You of all people talking about “reason” and “sanity” is your first halfway humorous attempt at trolling.

      • I actually hope you go with option 1. There’s always going to be some troll posting stupid shit, but they get so many down votes that it’s obvious that their comments shouldn’t be given any serious consideration. If someone wants to be the village idiot, they will quickly be branded so and we can just skip reading their comments.

        Of course, if someone posts something you feel is so messed up that you can’t have it on your site, feel free to delete it. But I don’t want you to feel like you have to be the police or anything.

      • No worries Henkka.
        Option 1 seems to be in the spirit of things. Like some people already mentioned here, it can be interesting to read opposing opinions. (safe spaces can be kinda lame anyway)

        But if you do find your sanity threatened by some hopelessly deluded numbskull who sounds like he has some kind of personal vendetta against anything logical, then I won’t mind if you choose to exercise option 3 once in a while on comments that have been downvoted to hell.

        Afterall, we need you to have the motivation to keep posting these, yea?

      • Well, I’m pleasantly surprised. My fear was that the comment section was becoming off-putting to some of you guys, but it seems that the sentiment doesn’t really seem to be shared by anyone who’s spoken up so far. So that’s all good. In that case, I see no need for anything to change here. In other words, option 1 now seems like the way to go.

        Thanks again to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts. (You’re still free to give your 2¢ if you have anything to add.)

      • Personally, I’d prefer option 1). Is what I’d like to say, but certain people are certainly painful to read…

        And yet, I still feel option 1) is the best.

      • IMO it’s not about safe space. It’s about how some people can’t convey arguments in a good manner, which makes them looks like trolling/flamebaiting.

        I’m fine with people disagree about something. But what make they think insults/disrespect makes their comment acceptable? And what more wishing some other human being to have a bad life just because they doesn’t agree with others…

        I’ll vote for 3.
        Or 1 if you can find a plugin to hide a comments with certain amount of downvotes.

      • Option 3 please
        I like freedom
        But limited freedom is the mst productive environment.

  9. as much as i truly do not care about Maachan (I find her personality really irritating and kind of super fake? She’s a little funny i guess), this girl is going to go places no matter what people want www. they consider her a super genius, everyone does. and even though she’s still a little rough around the edges with her singing, she has a lot of other qualities that deem her a very good idol. Watch her get a solo music video just like Sayumin or Maro when she graduates… They push her up so far its crazy.
    I mean, as long as Erina isn’t pushed up like that I’m just fine.

    • hmn fake personality based on? …… a nothing no documents, no psychological reports no evidence

      • Honey… people can seem fake…? i never said she was actually fake i said she seems like the type of person I would avoid because she’s all over the place.

        Never said I hated her, I just said that she’s the type i would avoid. thanks.

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