20 comments on “Sato Masaki: “I don’t really like being called a genius. I’d prefer being called a leaf.”

  1. maa is definitely not innocent, i think maybe 1-2 girls in the whole of hp are innocent.
    but she s definetely not operating on a full crew either
    i dont know if its her natural charakter
    or just the fact that she is very popular and she let all the air go to her head
    i m inclined to believe the first
    she s not my favorite though
    she like the pepper to a meal. a very bitter pepper. nooo maachan is not my cup o tea.
    black widow baby

  2. Saying something like I dont like being called a genius, call me a leaf is only something a genius would say though lol.. She obviously thinks a different wavelength that the rest of us mere mortals cant even begin to comprehend so her logic is far to advanced for us to understand lol.. My only guess is that maybe she wants to be compared to how bright and colorful leaves can be and their ability to flow gracefully with the wind maybe… I dont know, im not a genius

  3. And is the office really still putting a leash on Maachan???? I could understand when she was 12, she was liable to say anything but shes much older and more mature now…She thinks about what she says a bit more than she used too, not much more but enough lol… This group needs a free spirited speaker who can liven up the mood with nonsensical rants… Free Maachan, let the world hear her the awesomeness that floats around in her mind

  4. Maachan, you are a leaf,,

    err…i think it’s doesn’t have a nice ring to it,,

    Maachan, you are a genius leaf !!

  5. I am afraid that Maa-chan will one day go full John Lennon and say “Morning Musume is more popular than Buddha,” and Wada Ayaka will kick her butt.

    • I am the eggman
      They are the eggmen
      I am the walrus
      Maa-chan’s the leaf
      Goo goo g’ joob

  6. It was about the time Sato Masaki went into an ultra nationalist rant, peppered with racist and offensive remarks calling for the re-establishment of the East Asian Co-prosperity sphere, the kowtowing of Korea to the emperor, reclamation of all lands held in Manchuria and expressing profound sadness that more POWs did not die building the Thai/Burma railway that the Hello Project producers realized that they would have to cut her segments on Morning Jogakuin.

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