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  1. a. i think yoshie really likes girls. i think she likes girls more than me. i mean…it couldnt all have been a character. in the words of masahiro “what kind of -bian are you?”

    b. maybe im cynical but. i think she is just networking like crazy. not that shes a coldhearted manipulator user narcicist but…she clearly has motives. Maybe the girls grow up into big stars and get her some cameos in future work or even important positions. She is betting on them like i was betting on chocobo races in ff7.
    it pays to be on the good side of a (or several) possible future big time idols.
    no, you dont get me. it actually PAYS. BIG money baby and yosh need a new pair o shoes.

    god bless the ogs though. they warm my heart all of them

    • b> nope. didn’t yossie quite right after her bro died or something?she left at her peak. that doesn’t make sense if she’s a careerist.

      and her family doesn’t really care about showbiz. they wanted her to be a “normal” girl.

      • well i dont know about the exact reason behind the graduation but she wasnt really soaring in popularity, lets be completely honest here, she was 20something, already a prime candidate for “graduation” unless she was selling like crazy.
        and she wasnt selling like crazy.

        a careerist was yoshie from the get go. she had the determination to make it in the busyness despite her family being against it (her mother lightly slapped her when it was announced…on camera…although i m not sure if that was set up or what….yossie took the light slap like it was nothing…hardened)
        so family might not care but i bet adult yossie does. life isnt cheap and her husband isnt richy rich.

        • you proved yourself right, mate. her husbando wasn’t some rich CEO like OG of OGs ,Yuko. There’re lots of rich guys looking for a trophy ex-idol wife.

          • think about it though

            who would want to be just a “beard” for a lesbian?
            if i m looking for an idol trophy, why in gods name will i pick one that i have doubts about sexuality?
            i d understand it maybe if that idol was fujimoto…a bisexual fujimoto might be tolerable (being hot and all)
            but yosh? yosh and the possibility of her being (at least) bi?

            yosh is beautyfull to us fans but realistically speaking she wasnt the epitome of beauty.

              • i m not talking about her face
                we need to be objective about this
                wer does yosh stand among the og sex appeal wise?
                forget about comparing her to the “new models”, she doesnt stand a chance

                even compared to nakazawa, she lacked on sex appeal.
                i mean, you are a rich guy “buying” trophy wives back in the day
                do you go for yosh first?
                2nd? 3rd? 5th? 8th?
                i dare say she wouldnt make top 3
                personally? i d go for fuji or maki or abe or even a clean version of that smoker.
                sex appeal wise. cause personality wise fuji i m sure is a hand full..as is abe i think.
                but yeah

              • There’s no such thing as objectivity in beauty. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, I think she’s beautiful. Sure, you can say that she’s not that beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that she’s “objectively” not beautiful or ugly.

        • Tsugi Nozomi was slapped by her mom when she announced she had been accepted into Morning Musume since her mom thought she was lying. Yossie did not have that problem.

          • yossie was slapped on camera by mom.
            i saw it.
            i remember it like it was yesterday
            her mom was on the left of the screen, shorter than yosh, skinny, black short hair.
            mom didnt look at all like yosh. the setting was probably their house.
            yosh announced it, mom slapped her super fast and then put her hand above her mouth in an “uso” kind of gesture.
            yosh took the slap like a pro (ok it wasnt that hard of a slap), you could tell yosh was accustomed to this type of behaviour.
            i did not see tsuji gettting slapped but i did see yosh.

            • I just re-watched it. Hitomi’s mom laughs and then when she realizes that Hitomi is serious goes “Maji?” (are you crazy?). She is standing to the right and is too far away from Hitomi to reach her.

              Tsugi’s mom play slaps Tsugi, but doesn’t do it very hard.

              • nope
                are they in a dim litted house? they are not in a professional office or backstage in a concert
                they are (most likely) in their home and yosh is towering over her mother.
                they sent a camera to their house and yosh announced it to her
                if i find the video online, i ll link it

  2. There’s a reason why Yossy is my favourite member ever. Of course, she sticks out first as the cool member, the tomboy. After that she’s the most important member in their comedy routines. And later on you realize that behind all that there’s this sensible and caring person. Maybe it was also the age gap between Yossy and Ai (Miki not counted in since she left so soon after Yossy’s graduation), but Yossy really was the one that kept the good mood in a group which was on the decline because it seemed like she was the one who kept the stress from the other members.

  3. I love Yossie! She always showed such a cheerful and light personality in the group, even though I’m sure she had a lot of problems during her career as an idol. Plus, she was and apparently still is cool as f**k!

    Thank you for translating, Henkka!

  4. I love her so much… and I feel happy for her, for her husband and the baby… she’s one of those characters that made MM what it is today… doesn’t it feel like H!P got more and more relaxed when Yossie became leader? she definitely had an impact on the members back then… and she still has – that’s awesome! I hope she’ll continue this “senpai-talk” for all the generations ^^

  5. I still remember the story during Shabondama day..
    Reina actually forgot something (?shoes i think) just before Shabondama live performance on TV.. Her lines was the opening of the song so she missed her appearance & sang backstage & came after the lines.. Reina felt guilty & afraid the senior were angy & went somewhere to cry.. It was Yossie who went to comfort her..

  6. reading this now makes me cry… i adored yossie so much. i can’t understand why she’d do something as terrible as drunk driving, especially after what happened to her brother. regardless, thank you for the memories, hitomi.

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