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  1. Maachan and Oda: We are bestfriends!

    (Oda-inner-demon: Been wanting to beat the crap out of Maa for being more unique and lovable than me.)

    (Maa-inner demon: Been wanting to slash Oda’s throat ever since so she couldn’t sing more lines than me.)

  2. What’s wrong with Airi and Chisato? I thought C-ute is the most well-formed band in their relations.

    • I read once that they didn’t really talk, but I’m not sure of that means you’re on “bad terms” with someone. This is just a job, remember that.

    • Chisato has never made it a secret how jealous she is of Airi being front of the group.

    • I think Erika said the opposite and also why she left the group after Kanna left. It was rumoured most of the members didn’t like Kanna being added to C-ute becoz she was from H!P Eggs.

  3. I don’t know if people have noticed this, but I think Kanyon never liked Fuyuka when 2nd gen was complete. Kanyon would hve ignored her in HaroProTime where she was shooting Tachiagaaru making of. Or at least her face looked like that.

    • The straw that broke the camel’s back, or the happening that forced the management to step in and end the extreme bullying of the 2 gen.

      Kanon did bully Fuu-chan the most since she was such an easy target, unlike Kana who bounced back from everything they threw at her.

      • I’m a big second-gen S/mileage fan, but I don’t think a bit of newbie-teasing is too out of line their first few weeks on the job.

        (That said, I’d still probably react like Kosuga.)

      • In that video, I am more concerned by how Kanon motions Akari at the back in the end.

        But seriously Kanon seems like not a good person at all. She’s rude and she also don’t like herself much (like on her blog, commenting about being fat and crying because of her smile or the flab on her arm…), her life must be quite sad. She’s been looking so fake recently.

  4. 151: 名無し募集中。。。 2012/02/08(水) 03:18:17.71 O
    Miuna once clearly announced that she disliked Ishikawa.
    I knew it. Miuna was in love with Yossie and Yossie was with Rika a lot. Simple jealousy.

    I am suprised about 37. I thought Rihoriho was a nice girl.

    • As someone said below, Riho is fairly calculating. She’s not openly rude, but she has these subtle backhanded compliments and comments – like when Harunan was chosen for DIY and she asked her if she would really be “okay” in a dance unit (since at the time Harunan was a fairly weak dancer), or when Eripon wanted to sing Kacchoii Uta! at an event and Riho accused her of choosing that song because she has a good amount of lines in it.

      She’s one to watch out for!

      • >She’s not openly rude, but she has these subtle backhanded compliments and comments

        But the examples you gave were Riho being openly rude…

        • In the Harunan case, I think she was intending for it to sound caring (as in, “Are you sure you’ll be okay in a unit focused on dancing?” as opposed to “Omfg Harunan you can’t dance for shit what are you doing in this unit”), but yeah I guess the latter was pretty rude XD

          Also I’m pretty sure it was Eripon, because her actual reasoning had something to do with Gaki – I think she wanted Gaki to get a lot of lines or something like that. I could be wrong though!

          I do kind of like Riho’s devilish side though. It makes her more interesting.

          • It was on the H!P DVD Magazine Vol 33. Haruna brought up the DIY and Mizuki brought up that she wanted to sing Kacchoi Uta, cause it was Gaki’s last release event and she could get to hear Gaki’s singing for the final hook.

    • Usually, 2ch stories are terribly exaggerated to get a lot of attention. It’s almost made-up stories. You should search for the original radio source and check out how they were talking. It’s one of the Riho-deli episodes. Mind you, this is a translation of the matome article of the 2ch threads. It’s heavily edited and exaggerated on purpose.

  5. I knew this would be good as soon as I read the thread title :)

    Top 3 known or suspected members on bad terms:

    3)Chinami vs Momo

    2)Mikitty vs Charmy

    1)Nakazawa Yuko vs Everyone….At least she hated everybody equally lol

    • Chinami and Momo isn’t true though. They might not have been close during their early days but now they are. Also, people also misunderstand having a small quarrel.

      • ehhh, i fell that chinami gets along with Tsugunaga Momoko but has a strong disdain for Momochi if you get what im tryna say… the faces Chinami makes when Momochi does her burriko thing are hilarious and far more visibly annoyed than the other members of Berryz even to this day

        • I dont know much about her group, I only learn momoko as a cute girl couple of years back, nowadays I often see her on different variety shows, having that persona. people dont understand the persona she has is an act and breking her younger innocent image and turning herself being marketable as she is, is indeed a very very smart move. That’s why I wish some of the current MM girls will somehow have this kind of character. character sells, that could market them outside.

        • I think the chinami-momoko thing is more of an exaggerated act these days. I don’t think they really dislike each other; they have an understanding of how to react to each other for better fanservice.

          On the other the Captain-momoko thing.. didn’t notice it before but I did always feel they were formal to the point of being awkward to each other.

        • Chii-Momoko combi can be a future comedic duo. They already have a well established chemistry, like what you said how Chii visibly looking annoyed when Momochi do her stuff LOL. Becoz of that they become a target of Friday LOL
          They eventually got caught by Friday feeding each other ice cream >_<

  6. Aw, no Tsunku in the input box.

    It really isn’t all fun and songs in the idol kingdom, eh?

    Yuukarin isn’t looking all that angelic in that picture there.

  7. At the top of my head:
    > Ayaya VS Gomaki (Gomattou days)
    > Ayaya VS Nacchi (Nochiura Natsumi days)
    > Mikitty disliking Ishikawa because she’s full of herself in minding others (Otomegumi days)
    > Mikitty disliking Tsuji Nozomi because she’s always noisy at the bus (Otomegumi days)
    > Nacchi disliking Gomaki (probably stealing being an ace (Love Machine / Koi no Dance Site days))
    > Mari Yaguchi VS W duo (Mini Moni days)

    • That Yaguchi vs W was legendary lol…Yaguchi would tell stories of how Kago and Tsuji would complain about Yaguchi right in front of her pretending like she wasnt there… Or how Yaguchi would be minding her business and Tsuji would just walk up and punch Yaguchi in the privates lol, Falcon Punch :)

      • The Falcon punch is classic LOL. I remember them talking about how the W twins would text each other to bitch about Mari, and one of them accidentally sent it to Mari instead. IIRC they were even in the same car at the moment so it was a pretty awkward ride

  8. Probably I’m gonna get hated for this, but it is pretty clear that Riho is a calculated girl (Aichan graduation *cough*), even Sayu confirmed this.

    • Not “calculated”. That would imply she’s doing it to get a specific reaction or trying to build a persona. But such comments come out of her pretty irregularly and are the complete opposite of what most of her wotas think she should act. It’s pretty obvious from radio shows and event MCs that Riho is starting getting a bit full of herself and especially can’t deal with being joked with. Interactions with the members and her are increasingly looking really akward. Nearly none of them calls her anything but Sayashi-san.

      • Maybe there’s that too, but I think she is building a persona, which is not bad since many celebrities do it, but I can’t help to think that she is scheming some stuff lol.

      • Riho was always a loner, is part of her personality (remember Reina? She was like this until Maachan came into her life).

        And you’re stating a lot of things that seem more like opinions rather than facts to me. Show us proof of your statements please.

        • >Riho was always a loner, is part of her personality

          lol what are you talking about? Riho never was a loner and isn’t now either. And neither was Reina as much as western fans make her out to have been.

          • Reina was a truly a loner wasn’t she? Even Sayu has talked about this a number of times, like how she would just leave rehearsals alone and not rly hang with the rest. It’s the reason why it was shocking to themselves both how close they got once Gakisan graduated.

            Also, at the countdown party Sayu commented on how Reina started to stick to the OGs during practice, which she never did when she was still in MM, indicating that she did indeed have a loner streak.

          • She literally called herself a lone wolf and said “I don’t talk to the members outside from work”

            Reina was idolizing of Maki Goto and got along with Maimai… but she only started to begin to get close to Sayu after Gaki left and Maa-chan pretty much forced friendship on her.

        • >And you’re stating a lot of things that seem more like opinions rather than facts to me. Show us proof of your statements please.

          You really need to get off JPLOP. Just youtube search her name in japanese and you should come up with plenty of videos of her talking trash about the members in her radio show. especially about Ikuta.

  9. Sayashi must be feeling somewhat superior to others, she does get more solo lines compared to the other members…

    But meh, she’s still a kid. She might grow out of it and mature soon enough

  10. I’m always surprised that Momo and Miya still have such a good relationship. Also, has Yurina or Maasa ever had a feud?

    • After finding out that Momoko is such good friends with Mano I think that Momoko must have a completely loveable personality when she’s doesn’t have to be Momochi. She probably turns Momochi off like a switch and doesn’t drag that personality into her real life. Which would explain why she doesn’t really have any enemies in the company and has still managed to become good friends with graduated members like Maiha.

    • Yurina is always in her Kumakuma world, while Maasa is always off eating yakiniku or whatever. Doubt they would be fighting.

    • After 11 years together, Berryz in general have iron out their differences. Currently they are probably the most united group in H!P. Which might explain why their juniors find them scary.

  11. I just have to comment because of the nice background in this commenting section. :)

  12. S/mileage creates a lot of tension amongst themselves and the other members of H!P. Probably because the 1st gen debuted so young, they probably saw themselves as some great talent… *cough* Kanon *cough* really shown her true colors when the 2nd gen joined as temp-members. I used to be a Kanon fan, but not after that crap. Thank goodness that Kana is the kind of person that keeps trucking when she gets verbal mud thrown at her, Fuyuka just didn’t have the heart to withstand it.

    Kanon really has some balls to do her bullying on public TV though:

    Riho being condescending towards Eripon? That’s nothing new. She’s been like that since the very beginning. UstreaMusume’s first few episodes had tons of Riho mocking Eripon, and that was way back when Eripon was truly KY and odd. I think Riho was just jealous since she didn’t really have her own personality back then, she was like a puppet mimicking the actions of others to see if it suits her. We still don’t really know what kind of person she is, huh?

    • Why are you only talking only about Riho being condescending towards Eripon? If you read it well, Ayumi was doing exactly the same.

      And the ustreamusume mocking doesn’t prove nothing, it’s circumstantial at best and it’s just confirmation bias for your “thoughts”. You just took advantage of the situation in post 37 to prove your point, but you conveniently left Ishida out of the picture…

      • actually if you kept track of Riho and Ikuta you would know they never have been close at all. and they don’t make it a secret about not being close in private.

        • I do agree with this. It doesn’t mean that they are hostile to each other, they’re probably just not that close.

          • no, that’s not what I meant though. these things make them look hostile to each other especially because they don’t seem to be that close.
            on the contrary when she makes fun of Zukki we know she doesn’t mean her any harm since we know they are close.

      • > If you read it well, Ayumi was doing exactly the same.
        Except it doesn’t say that and she wasn’t. Riho loves to pull the “but this member is worse at that” card everytime someones says something to her. She always pull offs the conversation from herself to shit on somebody else just like in that example.

        • That’s pretty much what idols do in their own shows though (if they have one, that is). If all you do on your shows is praise everyone, no one’s going to listen to you. I listen to Riho-Deli when I have the time, and she doesn’t “always” put shit on other people. You’re making it sound like she’s bad-mouthing them. She’s going to get a gag order from the management if that’s the case..

          • we are talking about two different occasions though. 1. her radio show. 2. her interactions with the rest of the members.

            and with 1. you are right. those stories are interesting. but still, sometimes it seems off.
            but with 2. there’s no excuse. especially with Ayumi and Ikuta she makes it clear she can’t take a harmless joke.

      • @Anon 23:33

        Now we’re talking. It seems so much easier to talk if we have specific examples.

        Talking about other members would really seem off especially if your oshi is the member she is talking to. But in radio shows, they usually follow a script, and those scripts are pre-approved. If there is any real malicious intent in what she’s saying, it would have been filtered or removed. IF Up Front can prevent Sato Masaki from saying anything she likes in guestings, they would be more so on their front girls. If there are off-hand comments however (a mic hack or something), then that’s different.

        Re: number2, the reason I find it pretty hard to believe is because Sayashi has worked with both of them various times without any hint of awkwardness. Maybe they’re not best of friends, I can take that. But still no concrete evidence of bad blood between them. Riho’s the perfect foil for Eripon’s Campaign to be Center, and while they’re not exactly the best duo, it kind of works. Well, sometimes. I would also not be surprised if Riho is being too careful with them because, hey, she’s the center, and everybody else wants to be center (or I think that’s how it’s supposed to be anyway).

        While these are good examples, they are also from their work. A good evidence of their real attitudes would come from mic hacks, and other stuff, and not exchanges done during work because in all likelihood, that’s either scripted, or just a play off their idol personas.

        • Neither Erina nor Ayumi are my oshi.
          And their talk/answers in radio show aren’t pre-script. You should know that from listening to them. So where the hell did you get that idea from?

          Anyways, exactly there being no “concrete” evidence is the problem. When the only “evidence” is stuff like this then that’s where conclusions are drawn from.

          But about your Idol persona argument, Ikuta rarely even mentions Riho when doing the center campaign. And Mizuki is the only one what i would call playing the “foil”. Riho hardly has anything to do with Ikuta’s campaign besides being the current center. It isn’t some gag they use to play off on each other. It’s something Ikuta came up with for herself after quitting the wota and nagic trick persona.

          • All productions, radio, TV, even their concert MCs have scripts or they are given the topic beforehand. They don’t just pull things out of thin air. If you look at videos of Momoko’s Puri-Puri Princess a few years back, you’d see her reading a script. The trick is how to pull it off, that’s why they emphasize “timing” and such.

            The difficulty with drawing conclusions from these “evidences” is that they are mostly circumstantial and more often than not, requires a bit of an imagination which we all know, can border on the extreme. Now, I’m not really saying that they mean nothing. Rather, they don’t really say anything for and against the argument. Does she hate Ikuta? Does she consider Ayumi an enemy? Does she look down on the other members? While the examples people have been pointing out in this comments section sort of confirms that argument, there had also been episodes of her showing affection to them. Times where she features the others in her blog and even mention them in her show in a good light. That swings the pendulum the other way but still without decisively pointing to a definite conclusion.

          • @StanG:

            What are you talking about? Do you really think you can just make shit up to justify your points?
            Their concert MCs aren’t scripted. And their radio shows scripts only include the procedure of the show, topics and questions. Not their answers and stories.
            Watch the Momoko Stream again. The first five minutes she is literally just reading infos out for the show. Only after that the main part of the show starts. And for the rest of the show she only ever looks at the papers again to read out the next fan mail or announce the next segment of the show.
            Her stories about school etc. aren’t pre-scripted.
            Seriously how can you have the impression those parts are pre-scripted to begin with?

          • @Anon18:25 down there.

            I used to work in productions so I know. There is a time limit in all segments, live, radio or TV. They can’t all ad lib because there is a risk that they will exceed that limit and they have to pay for the time. Even without actual scripts, they still have specific topics to talk about. The only thing that could not be scripted is when there is a caller on the line or something untoward happened during the MC segment. The girls usually have a fair hand in making those scripts or outlines but they are all approved beforehand.

            Not all shows are pre-scripted. Some variety shows (like MechaIke where they love to prank guests) are as real as you can get, except when they involve some stunt or another. But they still follow that outline. They don’t go to the stage and pull stuff out of their ass.

            So, you know, I’m not making shit up to justify any arguments. If you prefer to take everything you see and fit it in your version of reality, then please be free to do so. It’s your world anyway.

          • @StanG

            Everybody who has actually a slight idea of productions can tell how much of a liar you are.

            They have clocks and the staff to tell them whether they are talking too much and need to move on. We have see this plenty of times when they stream the recordings of these shows.
            These girls know how much time they have for each segment.
            Your idea that the staff sees the need to script their answers beforehand because of air time is completely ridiculous. It’s unnecessary and counter-productive.

            And of course a TV production is different from a radio show. What kinda stupid argumentation is that?

            I’m leaving the link to the stream of Momoko’s show you mentioned above.
            So people know you are bullshitting for whatever stupid reason.
            After she reads out the infos is all adlib from the 5 minutes mark.

            This is ridiculous. You are making up shit to justify your arguments.
            And worse of all this has nothing to do with Riho anymore.
            You were just searching for an excuse for her behaviour to somehow not be real because you don’t like it. A behaviour that was exaggerated on this comment section and nothing serious to begin.
            I don’t get you people.

          • @ :/

            Awwww, I was called a liar and accused of making stuff up by some guy on the internet who thinks gossips from 2chan are fact and speculates about members’ real attitudes based on random exchanges. I would love to call you an idiot but I don’t know – or care – who you are. I would have welcomed your counter-argument about productions but since you keep calling me a liar, anything more that I say wouldn’t probably make any difference.

            Have a nice day!

          • @StanG

            The problem is that to third parties like me both of you are doing the same thing. Only I personally found you to be a bit more offensive because you try to bring something into the discussion which people actually do know isn’t true at all.
            Instead of going “That’s bullshit. Don’t believe 2ch. They like to exaggerate.”or something you decided to make some shit up about how everything these girls say on radio shows is pre-scripted and not even their own words to begin with. That’s ridiculous.

            And I don’t want to defend that anon but he wasn’t “believing gossip” but rather stating why he thinks the topic may be true.
            You could have also easily give him actual examples of Riho and Ikuta being friendly and being close… but nope, you decided to go the “maybe” route. Like calling Riho the perfect foil for Ikuta’s new running gag about going to be center despite Riho having no part in that joke at all up to this day since it’s not directly about her.
            That’s just your own speculation and therefore just as less true.
            It gives the impression that you know as much as that guy about how close they are but got so butthurt that you have to lie about it.

            So yeah, I’m calling you a liar and it’s best for you (and Riho) that you don’t say anymore.
            I linked the video to Momoko’s show so my argument about productions is there. You decided to ignore it.

          • It’s funny because little to nothing idols do or say is real and some of it isn’t even their own words.
            Anyone who’s been here long enough should know that. Doesn’t mean we love them any less, though.

          • >It’s funny because little to nothing idols do or say is real and some of it isn’t even their own words.
            Anyone who’s been here long enough should know that. Doesn’t mean we love them any less, though.

            Read the bullshit you just wrote again.
            With your logic your support and love for them is meaningless. You basically said they are liars and fake to you too.

            So I guess from this day on people like you are gonna use this “not their own words” bullshit of an excuse whenever Riho (and only Riho) says something you don’t like?

    • Yeh I had to turn that off. There’s teasing and then there’s just being a bitch. There’s always something off about her I never liked. BUUUT she’s leaving now so all is right with the world ^_^

  13. Maybe I’m just too naive but doesn’t it seem like the ‘older’ HP members really had more serious feuds than the current members? Some may not get along with others as expected of any group of human beings working together, but it really does seem there was more open disdain and active dislike back then than right now.

    • Back then the members weren’t very close with anyone except the members of their own generation. It’s something 5ki & 6ki noticed when the 9ki and 10ki joined, that the 9ki and 10ki have no trouble intermingling with each other. Berryz and C-ute didn’t have that either since they were all H!P KIDS together, they grew up together. I think the younger they are the easier it is for them to integrate.

      Watch some old Momusu Audition footage (3rd gen-6th gen), the current members give the new members the cold shoulder from day one and then say that it’s the new member’s responsibility to come up to them first. The 4ki met the current members on the set of the “Happy Summer Wedding” PV which is a bad idea on management’s part. It’s no wonder they all seen each other as rivals rather than coworkers working towards a common goal.

      • 1st generation joined as all rivals. They were competing against each other for one slot.
        2nd generation came as a surprise and the competition between 1st wasn’t resolved so there was tension.
        3rd generation came with a new ace out of no where significantly younger than the other girls and the “favorite” so there was tension.
        4th generation had two children who were indulged however they wanted and were pretty literally all “Ace” members who rapidly dominated television shows and were WAY younger so there was tension.

        5th generation… how to say… Takahashi has many talents but standing up wasn’t one of them. Niigaki was a fangirl. Makochan was hardworking and cheerful and Konno was studious. They joined when Morning Musume was huge and so they were really completely in the footsteps of giants who had the highest selling album to date. They banded together. IMHO the lack of competition can be felt due to this being a “softer” generation save for Tomato Ketchup 100% OK.

        6th generation were two careerists and a turtle. Joshi Kashimashi is pretty much sung about Eri’s getting a persona. But, once that happened they became one of the strongest persona groups… and while the bunny loved the turtle, there’s an element of competition for the camera again. Obviously there was Mikitty too.

        Frankly, I think the “rival” generations were stronger. While I understand people like Takahashi for reasons… sales kind of show that it was hard to promote a group of girls who you can primarily define as being nice and hardworking. People say “Oh but they’re doing so much MORE for the modern generations” …you mean like literally cast them in 3 movies and have several Takurazuka productions written and created just for them?

        Platinum all feel like “co-workers with a few office friends” to me. I’d rather have a few rivalries which have real reactions than nothing.

        Mikitty LOVED Ayaya and it was her honest annoyance when she lost games to ruin Ayaya’s chances that made the moments when they played at being Jack and Rose also seem real instead of scripted.

    • There was much more rivalry back then, maybe because there was a lot more at stake. Also, they’re human beings. It’s much more naive to think that they would all be one big happy family from the get-go.

  14. Sato Masaki and Ikuta Erina:

    There is a DVD magazine that has a backstage scene where Erina reduces Maa-chan to tears with her teasing. Erina starts mentioning that Tanaka Reina’s parents invited her over and she got along really well with Reina’s mother. This freaks Maa-chan out who has been over at Reina’s parent’s place but has never been invited there. Maa-chan starts blubbering that Erina is a terrible person who is trying to steal her Tanasa-san(sp?).

    • Good sir, please try to remember which dvd magazine is that. I want to watch them

      • Morning Musume Dvd Magazine 56 about halfway through….Maa-chan made one of the saddest jealousy faces i’ve ever seen lol

        • Thanks, found it. About 33:00 minutes into the magazine.

          Funny thing, I can really understand Japanese but once you mentioned that, I can sort of tell word by word what they are saying..

          I must be an alien…

        • It’s quite “aww”-inducing. I wouldn’t go anywhere near as to put a mark on not-getting-along-column for that (but then I don’t care for such analyses anyway, personalities just aren’t always compatible). Like most of these on-camera teases, that’s was obviously for viewer entertainment, as it’s so well known that Masaki loves Reina.

        • XD That was cute!

          I could definitely see why Maa-chan wouldn’t be invited by Reina’s parents, LOL! But I’m a little surprised that they’d invite Eripon… (Are they Eripon wota? XD) But then again, I think Eripon knows how to turn off her character. I mean, there’s a lot of times that you can see Eripon in background footage and she’s just chilling out with Mizuki & the others, the super-annoying!Eripon isn’t on 24/7. I don’t think Maa-chan can turn hers off…

          But yeah, that’s not a feud.

          I find it funny how Gaki-san reacts to Eripon in front of the fans (‘specially on Eripon’s birthday events which are mostly about Gaki-san) but they’ll go out to eat together. I think that’s kind of the relationship a lot of the girls have in the company. Just because they’re snubbing each other in front of a camera doesn’t mean they really mean it… We’re just being entertained.

          • They didnt invite Eripon, she came to Reina’s house on her own. Mizupon tells Maachan that. Eripon seems well loved by the other members despite the teasing.

        • Reina and Erina are both from the same prefacture, Fukuoka if I remember it correctly. So I wouldn’t find it surprising if Erina just drops by at Reina’s parents house LOL

          Masaki’s protectiveness of Reina is so cute ^_^

  15. Mikitty was more or less disliked by everyone, so rumor is that she voluntarily Fridayed herself so she wouldn’t have to become MM leader.

    Reina seemed to have Junjun on her side during her feud with Gaki. BTW, does anyone knows exactly what happened between Reina and Gaki? Sure, those two have different personalities, and Reina’s “let me do what I want” attitude had to clash sometimes with bossy Gaki. But, what triggered the spat? And why did it turn so sour?

    • Because clearly their both strong personality with opposite side, throw in Sayu and Turtle which really goes either way, Your left with those 2, Riena and Gaki just watching their charactier really doesnt fit well!

      In the current line up MM I see only 2 character the wouldnt work, Like really in comes to character.

      Sayashi and Kudo.

      Sayashi as being sayashi, the lonely and perfect ace, becoming on top really does change the perspective while observing Kudo is the one who wants to be always in charge, watch most of their videos eg:tug of war skit, simple games, etc kudo wants to be in controll.

      • I see Sayashi mostly with Kudo in background footages and sometimes Maachan too. But I suppose something could change that to make it go sour.

  16. Do you noticed there is some kind of “barrier” between smileage and momusu members on the latest preview of MM x S/m DVD magz vol. 1

    • Maybe S/mileage is a bit miffed that all the members of Musume are to be seen as their senpai, despite Ayaka & Kanon debuting before the 9ki? Maybe tension among the past Eggs?

      I know I would be miffed with the system. In my mind, Captain should be the leader of Hello!Pro since she has more tenure in the company than Sayumi but that’s not the way H!P works. It’s going to be even more ridiculous after Sayumi graduates since either Mizuki or Haruna will be the leader of H!P… It’s just not right!

      • I think Captain will be the next H!P leader when Sayumi graduates. Sayumi still is the leader of H!P because she debuted earlier than Captain. She was still at Kids, or trainee when Sayu joined MoMusu even if Captain had longer tenure.

      • Nah Sayu has technically been a FULL fledge member of H!P longer than any of the KIDS.. 6th Gen became official in “03 and the Berryz became official in ’04…Plus Sayu is older than Captain by 2 years so its only right that she is H!P Leader… If Captain Saki isn’t made H!P leader after Sayu graduates then you have full reason to be pissed as I will be as well, she theoretically and most likely is next in line for that title

        It doesnt have to be a Morning Musume member that Leads H!P because even if you look back at the history, technically Nakazawa Yuko wasnt even a member of Morning Musume when she was appointed H!P leader… She was a soloist from ’01 to ’09, the entire span of her H!P Leader Tenure.. Takahashi Ai would be the first active Morning Member to become leader

        • I think it has been unofficially confirmed that Captain will be leader of H!P.
          Wada already declared her support for Captain if I recall correctly.

          • Doesn’t seem to matter who the H!P leader is though. I’m sure the H!P Kids have the advantage of being senior to everybody else, just that they don’t exactly advertise it that much.

          • Captain actually talked about this in a recent interview:

            ― Talking about being the captain、 Morning Musume。14′s Michishige Sayumi will be graduating from Hello! Pro。 I’ve heard voices giving support to Shimizu-san as the next Hello! Pro leader。

            Is that so(laughs)。Once Michishige-san steps down、 I’ll be the oldest person in Hello!。 At this point in time、 I don’t particularly feel like 「I wanna do it!」、 but since BeriKyuu (Berryz Kobo、 ℃-ute) are the onee-san groups、 we have to be more reliable。 Our senior have taught us how great Hello! is、 so I’ve been thinking that I want to pass that down to the juniors。

            ― Presently、 within Shimizu-san’s self、 do you feel like you want to do it?

            If the situation becomes one where someone from Morning Musume。 would be selected to do it… then I’d do it。 I have my pride as a senior, but if it were Maimi from ℃-ute、 Maimi’s in the same generation as I am and she’s reliable。

            ― Indeed、 after Michishige graduates from Morning Musume。14, they’ll be the youngest group。

            That’s right。

            ― By the way、 what is the duty of the Hello! Pro leader?

            There’s nothing really in particular (laughs)、 there’s things like giving words to boost everyone’s spirits before a Hello! Pro LIVE、 or to answer whenever something turns up… That’s the Hello! Pro leader。

            ― Boosting their spirits、 you do that to everyone?

            Since it’s the leader’s saying it、 everyone gets motivated。

            ― So、 you do want to do it!

            That’s right (laughs)、since this summer’s Hello! Pro concert will be Michishige-san’s last、 I’d like to keep a sharp eye on Michishige-san。 Since it’s precious, the time that Michishige-san is around。

            The full interview translation here: http://blog-project.net/special-translations/200263

        • If Mizuki is somehow named HP leader, that’d be the ultimate slap in the face to Captain and Berryz.

          I don’t expect it to happen, since there’s no seniority argument here at all. While a former or current leader of MM has always been the HP leader, I don’t think ti matters all that much in the grand scheme of things if it goes to Captain. I do expect bellyaching from the japanese wotas because she isn’t very popular, of course, but they are always bellyaching so meh.

          • Personally, I actually hope it would be Captain and that they’d make a big deal out of it and such. It might help their group and put an interesting twist on things.

          • Unpopularly I have to note that while I like Saki… is it really okay to have the leader of the H!P be someone who couldn’t bear doing it on her own anymore for just her group?

          • @Kitsuiko

            you are one of those people who really think “leader” is something more besides a title, right…?

  17. i see sayu in yurushite nyan, thank you xD

    i’m a bit surprised (or disappointed?) about riho. That’s quite, lol. she’s even terribly liked sayu, but i guess leader is aware of it too since she said herself that riho is calculating/manipulative. well anyways, comments said that she’s still young and all, or maybe she’ll outgrow it… but she might also bring it with her through her momusu years. all those wonderful attention and stuffs *AHEMACE* does get in the head too, most of the times…

    • Kuduu is Riho’s anchor. Thats how I see it. Ishida too upto a point, when she can overcome her undecisiveness ^_^;; I recall how Kuduu and Ishida scolded 9th gen for not putting enough effort in the Reborn play >_<

  18. If Riho was an American celebrity I’d definitely be thinking that she’s one of those teens that lets attention get into her head, starts thinking of herself as above everybody else, and ends up washed up and addicted to crack-cocaine. (kind of like Justin Bieber, lol)

    • Justin Bieber is a typical dumb teenager who would do things without thinking, as opposed to the intelligent and calculating Riho. She’s not the type who would do stupid shit and ruins her life. Riho’s way too ambitious and focused on her carreer for those stuff.

      • I don’t know, man. She already got the bitter comments and the lewd posing for fanservice down. Next we know she shaves half her head and twerks on Tsunku during a concert MC.

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  20. Nice interesting topics.. Somehow i think in general that women mostly don’t wanna lose to anyone. And to gather teenage-young girl with different background & skill is very challenging. Confrontation and “cold-war” may come. But i think that’s a natural process.

    If we looked back in early MM history, all of 1st-gen were not gelling along each other, maybe after Goto joined (Goto probably hated by others). And then we saw Rika-chan with her “kimoi” personality (act as the cutest), W combi, Yankee duo in 6th-gen, Duo-Panda. Don’t forget about Koharu-Mitsi confrontation (as youngest member).

    To put into summary, someone with strong/unique personality have potential to be hated/disliked by others, while someone with calm/low-profile/friendly personality will not cause such commotion by others (For example like Konno, Ai-chan, Kamei, Fukumura, Zukki)

  21. About the Abe – Iida…
    Truth, there was once something like a war, but that was during the time Nacchi got a huge push and was pissing everybody. You can literally feel that awkward tension in one Utaban episode where they were anonymously answering question about each other (Koi no Dance?).
    Anyway the two came to the group as close friends and then reunited and after were talking only kindly about each other.

    • By the way nobody brings Juice=Juice to the topic but there’s definitely some kind of intense dynamics between girls. Well known that Miyamoto mostly gets bullied by members (even by calm leader) but she seems to enjoy that kind of treatment lol
      Also Sayuki often is the target for mental bullying (Baby Monkey for you). But thankfully she embraces that.

    • I think the Nacchi VS Kaorin was apparent even before Love Machine. Heck, Kaorin was supposedly the ace but Tsunku changed his mind during the recording of Morning Coffee

    • Isn’t that pretty much Berryz, rather than just Miya? S/mileage apparently was a bit intimidated by them early on.

      These days it mostly comes up as: “We’re not scary senpais at all! We’re kind!” – “Y-yeah…”

        • If the littlle Captain was able to “tame” the other six Berryz, no wonder why you’d think she is scary. Actually, she raised her voice in one of the Yorosen episodes. Kinda scary if you ask me.

      • No shit. I was surprised at the hostility towards Riho. Really feels like H!O.

        Now I’m worried about their New York thing, because, you know, the girl is their front girl, will sing much, and will probably talk a lot.

        • The times were Riho was really hated are long over. H!O now has more blind Riho fanatics than actual Riho haters. And those fanatics have now found this comment section.
          And if you wanna call H!O “Anti-Riho” then I want to see what you would call 2ch and the japanese MM or even Riho wota who say anything remotely criticizing about her…

          • Pardon me for interrupting, but calling the Riho fans coming here as “blind fanatics” means you’re no better than that guy you are replying to.

            Basically what I am saying is, you say something about a member, surely you don’t expect her fans to simply not react? That’s something I don’t get with you people: you say something about someone, her fans come in and try to join the fray, and they’re instantly “fanatics”.

            Like, I’m sure I’ll be crucified if I say stuff like Suzuki Kanon is fat or Oda Sakura is a good but ugly singer, or that Sato Masaki annoys me, or that the Platinum Era is the Dark Ages and Takahashi Ai is boring as hell, but if it’s Riho, it’s fair game?

          • @Irony: i was actually gonna agree with you . But the implications in your last paragraph show your true nature.
            Don’t try to act like criticizing Riho has never been a taboo. And please do not act like other members have worse fanatic fans.

          • > Don’t try to act like criticizing Riho has never been a taboo. And please do not act like other members have worse fanatic fans.
            No clue what you’re talking about Anon or where you’re usually hanging out, but I haven’t seen any Rihoriho criticism taboos and there are some scarily obsessive fans of all the members out there. Take a sanity check, will ya?

          • Sure, fans really took this too seriously. This is just a “back-story” of the group, nothing to be taken too much.

            I can see that discussion in H!O usually tend to speak “polite” statements (Less offensive statement so far, especially about member(s) negative side), so please don’t blame/judge them for being “fanatics” or maybe “fanboy”.

          • @Anon 10:06
            you should try to read before talking about sanitiy checks. I am the one saying all members have obsessive fans. And Riho is far from an exception as the guy above is trying to make it look like to be.
            And there was no taboo on criticising Riho? You were around when Riho started being lead singer? Actually go and try point out a mistake Riho made in singing on H!O or JPLOP and tell me again some of her fans still don’t act the very same today as Kanon fans did with the fat comments.

          • yelp! H!O has invaded!! whatever. the westeros fanboys always seem to hate on the aces, even when they ‘re actually pretty nice people who sing and dance excellently too(airi + aichan).

            i’m surprised there isn’t more fat-justice tumblrs, or anti-zukkis in these comments.

          • “the westeros fanboys always seem to hate on the aces”

            eh… the japanese fans are way worse with the hating stuff than western… regardless of Ace or not.

      • I wonder,what’s up with H!O people that some anonymous pips like to point out ??? I have been, badly badly curious. I’ve been noticing that for years. I’m an H!O regular (lurker) too. people are like — Oh, it’s H!O, as expected <_< — something like that. Would it be bad to say that it's because some tend to be all-knowing? and very biased in own opinions? (i said it anyways, it bugs me really)

        • H!O has the problem that it’s probably the largest forum for H!P and also the first new people come to.
          So you end up with a lot of really biased and butthurt people who posts like 20 times a day.
          You can’t say Riho is the weakest Ace the group as ever seen, that Masaki and Ikuta get really annoying, Mizuki is boring, Kanon is getting too fat and so on without getting a wall of text about how you are a biased hater and should leave the fandom.
          You can’t even say that you dislike a song or outfits. especially with Momusu.
          It’s ridiculous. Especially when the very same people who cry everytime about it loooove to shit all over other members.

          • Well, I’d say Riho and Risako are fair game at H!O with the exception of the Riho and Risako forums. But yeah, it does seem criticizing or putting in a bad light any of the other idols is forbidden and doing so will cause drama.

            One of the issues I find strange at Hello Online is one must not appreciate Fukumura Mizuki’s b**bs or a pack of feminists will light you up! This only happens with Mizupon. Making comments about Risako’s chest, Ayumi’s butt, Maimi’s legs, etc is fine. But Fuku-hime’s breasts are off limits!

          • “I’d say Riho and Risako are fair game at H!O”

            no, they aren’t. at least not for Riho. criticize her and drama ensures.
            Shitting on all the Berryz seems to be fair game for some people though. especially for current MM fans.

            And about Fuku’s thread. The difference is that Fukumura has a couple of female fans who are regulars on her thread so of course they are be grossed out when you start circlejerking with bluewind and juriken.

        • Prime example of what is wrong with H!O and Jplop or whatever forum is actually from a few years ago.

          AKB does handshake events = whores being sold for copies, without it they wouldn’t sell
          MM does handshake events = music/formation dancing is their main appeal, Tsunku is a genius, H!P fans don’t care about such stuff

          Simply hypocrisy.

          • I kid you not when I say, as a majority, H!P fans are as dumb as it gets.
            They LIVE by double standards and fall for the DUMBEST things, more importantly they will make an excuse for ANYTHING. Trust me don’t even bother with them, it’s like speaking to a herd of turkeys. They believe ANYTHING that is said in response to issue, so stupid.

          • > we korean AKB-fans have invaded the comments, and are superior beings immune to petty things h!p fanboys fight over.

            implying wot?

        • I only check forums rarely, but I guess a discussion site eventually becomes a sort of caricature of itself, even if it is only in the minds of the veterans. I’m not sure what are H!O’s attitude problems, the AKB vs H!P rift I suppose (which I don’t see as necessary, I enjoy both).
          Anyhow, things only go bad if the people who worked as diplomats and voice of reason between the escalated opinions, grow tired.

          • no, AKB as no role in this except that many fans are just anti-akb for whatever reason.
            the problem is how some people on these forums react to each other’s opinions.
            forums are supposed to be a place dor people to voice their opinion but some only want to her opinions they agree with.

            • You are absolutely correct in that we should try to keep in mind that we all have our opinions, and try not to think too much about it. Even if I didn’t care for one of the groups, or god forbid, I strongly disliked something about them, I shouldn’t go and try to rub in everyone’s face.
              As the saying goes, opinions are like *rseholes. Everybody has one. and truth be told, they all stink.
              I suppose a lot can be done with how your stuff is worded, the same criticism can be said in both a very offensive, or very constructive manner.

          • Talk about bad wording… swap the word “Even” with a “But”, and there might be some sense in that sentence.

          • >I suppose a lot can be done with how your stuff is worded, the same criticism can be said in both a very offensive, or very constructive manner.

            And that’s the problem. Some people don’t care whether it’s contructive or not. Say something they dislike and you are a hater.

    • Yes, it is.
      Meet the bully trio: Tomo, Uemuu, and Yuuka
      Tomo is the bully boss aka. mega bully aka. the-last-one-you-hope-to-lead-H!P
      Uemuu who nothing but muscles, no one dare to make her angry
      Yuka seems the weakest one but her tongue is sharper than Sayu

      This post is half joking

    • Haha, not bullying… Just a sadistic member that just loves to watch the world burn, she enjoys the pain of others lol….

      • It’s fine, they always write how fun or amusing the tyranny they endure is.

           ノハヽ  (бωб川 < Write: It was so fun with Tomo!
           リ; 。;リ /     ⌒i
           /   \      | |
          /    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄/  |
        __(_ニつ/  FMV / .| .|____
            \/____/ (u ⊃

        This AA won’t end up looking right, will it?

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls aren’t very close to Riho. She’s not the type of girl I’d actively try to be friends with. She seems very self-absorbed; even her blog contains little to no photos with the other members outside of the typical group member restaurant photos. Her constant fishing for wota attention must be off-putting as well. Being ace has appears to have gone to her head.

    • It’s their job to fish for wota attention though. I’m sure we can all argue what their blog is supposed to be about (about themselves or about other people), but that’s for a different discussion.

    • Dear, I don’t think that you’re the type of girl that Riho would actively try to be friends with either.

      People who can’t praise their faves without putting someone else down are not very attractive.

      Putting Riho down won’t make your fave more popular, Kana or whatever.

      • Lol, what? You have no idea who my “fave” is, nor did I give any indication in my comment. Instead of addressing my criticisms of Riho, you threw the less popular girls under the bus. Typical Riho fan.

    • I’m not against or for Riho, but the fake crying at Takahashi’s graduation ceremony has always been one off-putting thing about her to me. I know she’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t but I personally think it would have been better if she hadn’t done the fake crying bit. Don’t know, like I said, it’s probably a stupid thing to hold against her but it has always bothered me.

      • That’s honestly when I realized I was going to have a rough time with Koharu. Those were some really bad bad bad fake tears for Yoshi…

      • I’d rather not judge them with the little information we know about who they are, but whatever floats your boat.

        • …is it really that wrong they don’t like each other?

          That’s not a moral judgement. Some people don’t get along and it’s not like it makes them awful people they’re not all besties.

    • People would love to forget that, if only it justifies their dislike for a member or reinforces their theories about interpersonal relationships between people they don’t have intimate knowledge of.

    • Lmao, me too… Thought i was the only one being punished still… Is this how you treat your loyal regulars Henkka :) tell me what to do to get back in your good graces so i can get back my pics of my beloved Rokkies :)

      • Hey, what are you complaining about? I’d be happy if I had Tsunku back in my text entry box. Well, actually… Right now, I have Chayu and she’s being perfectly cute—as always. So that’s fine with me too.

  23. It’s creepy how riled up you people get over young middle school girls you’ve never met. Idols are fun, but we don’t know actually these girls nor does any of it really matter.

    Get off the computer and go outside or something.

      • I hate to reply to but I hope you don’t think engaging in wild, tabloid style speculation about the negative aspects of idols is the pinnacle of fanhood. Yes, some of the rumours and assessments will be correct, but I for one would prefer to concentrate on the positive.

        If you have an appetite for drama, check out the world politics section of your favorite news outlet. :P

        • > wild, tabloid style speculation about the negative aspects of idols

          as opposed to what ‘wild, tabloid style speculation about the positive aspects of idols’ exactly?
          You aren’t going to tell me that the circlejerking on H!O/JPLOP about Kudo and Ikuta having penises and the stupid pairings and fanfic people fill up threads with are any better than this shit?

          • > circlejerking on H!O/JPLOP about Kudo and Ikuta having penises and the stupid pairings and fanfic
            Those are things there? Jeez.

          • > as opposed to what
            They’ve got a “product” to sell and I’m buying, sweeties like Mizuki that just bring a smile on your face.

            > You aren’t going to tell me
            Why would I do that, that’s part of the crap I avoid forums for. :)

    • Ugh, I’m so tired of these stupid Kpop people that come to JPOP thinking that the fans are as placid as they are. We don’t live in this “everyone is perfect” world. People are going to joke and judged, it is a part of the idol life.

  24. Although it’s true that 2ch users like to over exaggerate a lot of the time in all honestly I’m not surprised that these girls do have arguments. I don’t understand the few people who think it’s all sunshine and rainbows, H!P is a company made up of a load of teenage girls so what the hell do you think is going to happen?

    Despite this I’m not that keen on Yuko, Mikitty or Riho because at times they seem like bullies. Koha annoys me because she’s ungreatfull.

    I loved the clashes between Yaguchi and the twins because they were just funny lol

    • After reading all the comments in this thread, maybe Henkka’s afraid to come bad to his own site.

      • Nah, he’ll be back lol… Its always like this in the threads about the negative aspects of idols… Everybody gets butt hurt when u even mention there favorite idol in a potentially negative way and starts arguing… Browse the history of this site and you’ll notice what type of threads have the most comments lol

    • Haha, Koharu was a bitch so yeah… Still cant forgive her for making Shige-sama cry last year… Plus the stories of Shige gettting so frustrated with Koharu that she would pull her hair out smh

  25. Can we get a positive topic after this thread please? That would be great. Thanks for the translation, I imagine it must’ve been exhausting.

  26. So it’s okay to call Koharu a bitch, to say that Airi and Chisato hate each other, that everybody avoids Berryz because they are unfriendly, that Berryz hate Momochi, Kanon hated Kana and Fuyuka, Reina was a loner, and that the OGs all hated each other and whatever assumptions from these 2ch comments…

    but pointing out that Riho may be a bit full of herself was the one too much?

    • People can like Riho if they want but to me it’s obvious that she’s full of herself. I get that she’s young and being known as the “ace” has probably gone to her head and that’s nothing new when it comes to young celebrities but that’s no excuse to treat people as though they’re on a lower level. She needs to get a reality check.

      Aince she often makes snide comments about peoples dancing skills I say we stick her in a room with BoA and then see if she has anything to say.

  27. This post is more like “Tell me about episodes of H!P fans not getting along with each other”.

    Thank god the forum I’m a part of isn’t as overdramatic.

    • “Thank god the forum I’m a part of isn’t as overdramatic.”

      The fact that you needed to make a post just state that makes it obvious that isn’t true at all.

  28. Allow me to create a meta-post that covers every lame post above so that we can get back to the issue of H!P members not getting along as opposed to H!P fans not getting along:

    1) The idol that you are bashing is a perfect angel so above criticism that your bashing has all the effect of yelling at a wall.

    2) Your favorite idol smells funny and no one knows why she wasn’t laughed off her audition as opposed to becoming a pushed idol.

    3) The forum that you are bashing is filled with intellectuals of the highest order who arguments are so far above your head that you bashing seems totally disconnected from what they are saying.

    4) The forum that you belong to is a laughing stock for allowing you to be a member.

    That should cover everything.

    One final note: Being a mean person or the b-word has nothing at all to do with getting along with other H!P members. For example, Tomoko bullies half of the people in H!P yet is so loved that many of the trainees will cry if Tomoko forgets to bully them. Also, Mikitty was notorious for saying the meanest things imaginable to other idols during practice, but once the shock wore off her victims wound up thanking her for her candor and insight. So, it is not enough to say that so and so is the b-word, you need to say that member A is the b-word to member B and member B does not secretly or openly enjoy it for your post to be on topic.

      • Kusume Koharu is a perfect example of my point.

        Even if we assume Koharu is a b-word, even if we assume that this was the reason why Niigaki Risa and Michishige Sayumi didn’t get along with her, this doesn’t mean that no one got along with her.

        If fact, Kikkawa Yuu looked up to and admired Koharu during their days together in Milky Way. Kikka-chan even based her “free spirit” idol persona on Koharu. So, being the b-word does not mean that you won’t get along with everyone.

        Considering the title of the thread, that is why you need to also mention who Koharu didn’t get along with, rather than just calling her the b-word.

    • >meta-post
      >Tomoko bullies half of the people in H!P yet is so loved that many of the trainees will cry if Tomoko forgets to bully them.

      Bloody hell, resop2. Gotta love how you act all smart and then spit that fanboy bullshit out of your mouth.
      Fanservice has nothing to do with the members getting along with each other either.

      • Wow.

        This is a thread discussing a translation of a 2ch thread and you are complaining about “fanboy bullshit”?

        Also, sorry that I don’t have your ability to know when multiple official blog entries are completely made up and written for fan service. I must be pretty gullible.

        • >I must be pretty gullible.

          You are. But the problem is that your examples can easily be shrugged off as fanservice.
          There are far better examples like how often they are seen together or talk about each other.
          Your argumentation is just as bad as the 2ch posts above.

    • 1) nobody’s perfect
      2) believe me they’re sweet-scented, or maybe you never have any girlfriend
      3) also filled with idiots, please read this blog’s faq about filtering unnecessary replies
      4) back to point 3, you can’t ignore every intellectuals who reside there

  29. Not everything is perfect and happy. Some girls have their bad traits and it’s foolish to make up excuses for them. But, it’s also foolish to let that define them. I actually find it interesting to see this side of the girls, even if it’s exaggerated, especially since they do have ‘personas’ on screen and we never really know who they are in real life.

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