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  1. Thank goodness for a more positive thread. The last one was getting a little heavy :P

    Personally, one of my favourite stories from recent times is when Zukki bought lunch for Riho when she was really stressed:

  2. #39 reminded me of this – I remember reading the Musume Monogatari manta sons ago and there was a chapter where Yasuda or was it Gocchin that got injured and can’t dance at lives knowing Pucci Monk had very energetic dance moves. The fans who were in the live sang the parts of the injured Pucci Monk who can’t perform.

    I don’t know if #103 is true, but I know that Yossy envied Yasuda because she has a lot of screen time in Utaban. As I remember, it was during “Sou Da! We’re Alive!” I think where Yossy gives a frowning face to Taka-san whenever they messed around to Yasuda as they requested for a flying kiss. Even during the ‘lectures’ of Taka-san & Nakai-san on the Gokkies about shining their personality at the show, the new Yasuda personality was Yossy.

  3. True Henkka, H!P fans are probably the only Fans that support the husbands of our retired idols and not send them death threats.. They actually did a shoji chant which was awesome

  4. The way Michishige takes a back seat when the group makes television appearances so the other members can step up and have a chance to shine… She only talks now when she needs to, when there is a possibility of dead air….

    If this was like 5 years ago, Shige would constantly try to get the cameras attention using her cute/devil routine

  5. Some of my favorite heartwarming stories are about how Fukuchan treats the fans.

    One story came from the 9th gen’s first Hawaii trip. I don’t remember seeing concrete proof of it, but I guess that’s in keeping with the theme of this thread.

    Anyway, during the live events at these FC tours, they sometimes do drawings for prizes that the girls themselves picked out. The girls themselves are generally on stage while a staff member takes the prize to the winner. When a fan had won Mizuki’s prize, she supposedly hopped off the stage to hand it to the fan herself!

    Again, I don’t know if this story is true, but I would like to believe it is.

    Unlike the other story, this one was shown on the FC DVD:

    During Mizuki’s first birthday fanclub event (with Niigaki), a letter from her mother was read by Haruka. Mizuki’s mother wrote about how she had seen some of Mizuki’s possessions around the house like notebooks and other things, but with other peoples’ names written on them.

    She thought, “Oh? Don’t these belong to Mizuki?”

    Mizuki later told her that those things had been gifts from fans. She had written their names on them herself so she could remember who gave them to her!

  6. A heart-warming Maimi story:

    On the final day of a Hawaii tour, everyone slept in Maimi’s room

    Okai-chan had fallen asleep with her homework spread open, and Maimi, who was the only one who had risen early, stealthily did Okai-chan’s homework

    Just like the tale of the elves and the shoemaker, Okai-chan was surprised to see her homework completed when she woke up

      • As if you know Maimi first hand.. You just watch videos on the internet.. She could be ultra sadist for all we know

    • Okai had to stand outside of her classroom when she turned in her homework because all of the answers were wrong.

  7. It’s impossible to call a certain member “a bitch” in the thread unless you are a dedicated troll or hater. LoL

    • Haha, i wont… That other thread was an exception, had to just call it like is see it

      • Calm down, lol. I wish I had the free time you do to get pissed off at a stranger on the internet for not liking an idol you’ve never met. Must be nice.

          • They’re idols, while they entertain people, I believe that they can make people either love or hate them. It’s normal. I hate Maa because she always acts stupid, not innocent or angelic, she also sucks at singing and still get some lines when Duu, Eripon or Zukki get none. And I hate Riho too, her voice sounds horrible although strong and she gets all the lines.

            It’s my opinion. Like I said, hate me XD

    • Oh little Lynn Lynn just sits there and feels superior to others actually can’t do anything other than badmouthing a teen girl.
      Maachan doesn’t act stupid, she was 12 when she debuted, i bet you don’t know anything about her and just hate her because she got more lines than your favorites. This is getting old but i want to repeat again: it’s the company’s decision not hers.
      By the way, no offence but Duu sounds boring, Erina and Suzuki suck. That’s why they don’t get lines. However, they still got other things to do.
      And a lovely message for you: Be positive :)

      • And Maachan has more talent and knowledge on various fields (do I need to list those here?) than any MM girls ever (OG or current.)

        I agree on what you said, but I’d rather say Duu’s voice quality is just not suitable to major songs, but she’s a good singer. As for Erina and Zukki, they don’t suck, Eripon is awkward in dancing sometimes but I know she’s giving her best, and her KYness entertains me; Zukki is charming and funny, a good dancer and has powerful voice, but she needs to work it up more to fit the songs, and she needs to work-out more to be fit. orz

        • >Maachan doesn’t act stupid
          >Maachan has more talent and knowledge on various fields than any MM girls ever

          No, she doesn’t act stupid. She is stupid.
          I wonder if any of you actually tried to understand what she says from time to time?
          I guess most Masaki fans only like her because they think the other members are laughing with her instead of actually being laughing about her. She isn’t 12 anymore.

          And what talents does she have more than any OG?
          Her singing isn’t anything great and after three years she still has major problems during dance lessons. So what talents are you talking about? For playing piano and drums since little she’s rather bad. And horse riding isn’t a talent.

          It’s great for an unpopular underdog to finally get lines but please Masaki fans don’t start to get delusional about her.

  8. #16 It would be so awesome if Maasa would do that in real life.

    Uh, why is Risako so cute in the background?

  9. how about OG members? i remembered Aichan went on stage despite getting an ankle injury to sing Aruiteru with the other members…then Gakisan went over to console her when she broke down while sitting on one of the props on the stage

  10. Upon finding out that Ayumi’s family couldn’t afford new clothes for her, Sayumi found her sister’s old clothes and gave them to Ayumi. She also offered to let Anishige drive any of the members around if they need a ride. Sayumi is so generous.

    • Old clothes coated in aphrodisiac and holes in the right place. She offered Anishige to drive around that ends up at remote places. Sayumi is so generous.

  11. Everyday Duu would bring her bag to group practice and in the front pocket would be a little stash of candy.. Everytime when Duu walked away Maa-chan would sneak in and stealthily steal the stash of candy to eat to herself..
    When Duu finally caught Maa-chan stealing the candy Maa asked “Duu!!, I’m sorry, are you mad at me”…

    Duu responded “No, I dont like that candy anyways””…

    Maa said “Then why do you always bring it in your bag”…

    Duu says “Because I know you like them”

    • Maa: “No, I don’t really like them. I just like stealing stuff.”

      Duu: “No wonder, my heart is missing.”

      Maa: “Yeah, I fed it to my pet bear.”

  12. when c-ute came to taiwan, some awesome fans made a big sign that basically said ‘we are glad you came to taiwan’. towards the end of concert, as the banner was all the way back, and it was a standing-only venue, all the fans sat down so c-ute can see the banner.

    sorry about the english, but i hope you can imagine what happened. h!p fans are indeed pretty awesome!

    • oh yeah, the same people who made the banner gave away free light sticks and towels to people who don’t have any, just so everyone can enjoy the show and do the towel thing for seishun song

      it’s been almost a month, and i am still amazed by this

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