26 comments on “Hello! Project thread titles you’re going to see on 2ch in seven years

  1. «293: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/09/08(日) 08:48:33.60 0
    The atmosphere in Musume has changed after Eririn’s comeback into the group»


  2. 14th generation member Willow Smith revives her hit song “Whip My Hair” for her Japanese debut as a solo artist, Ayumi Ishida “graduates” after her disastrous twerking incident, and Juice=Juice narrowly escapes the mysterious destruction of Neo-Tokyo during a concert performance.

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    What kind of units would Tsunku form today if he was still alive?

    Got me with all the FEELS :c I don’t ever want to imagine Tsunku’s retirement, and I DEFINITELY don’t wanna think about his death.
    I fear the day when Hello! Project may cease to exist :c OTL

    • I think if Tsunku retires,a UFP worker can take over or maybe his wife/kids (If they are at that age.)..

      • You know, I like your idea about his kids taking over. As much as I don’t ever want Tsunku to quit (not to mention die or something), if he was going to pass his job on to someone… I think I’d be okay if it was his son. Knowing Tsunku, he’s probably been brainwashing his kids with Beatles stuff and whatnot before they were even born. And since his son especially has shown an interest in H!P girls, I think he’d be our best bet.

    • i ‘d assumed that they’d taken on the “kari” permanently as a kind of joke. i mean they wear it constantly on their t-shirts, and their album cover consists of a giant rendering of it….

  4. Awesome thread… Some of those comments may actually happen though.. It would be a dream come true if a former member especially Nono had their child pass a future Momusu audition

    Im pretty sure Shige sama is next in line to be producer when Tsunku finally retires, she is an idol genius and loves the business like no other

    But if it takes Eripon (My current Oshi) 7 years to achieve Worlds #1 idol id be dissapointed, it shouldnt take that long… She has the potential to be an outrageous tv talent/ media personality

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    Fukumura Boobs Preservation Committee ~counter-measures against sagging~

    I’ll be a member that’s for sure

  6. I got one:

    Due to company mergers, Morning Musume is renamed Morning Musume48. The announcement causes wotas around the world to simultaneously crap their pants.

    That same year, Karin Miyamoto of Juice=Juice48 wins the senbatsu election.

  7. “MM Leader Haruka Kudo: ‘our new dancing coach, Kamei Eri-sensei has brought our performance ability to a whole new level’ ”

    “Morning Musume’s Olympic ceremony opening performance still gives me goosebumps”

    “HP producer Michishige Sayumi interview with Billboard Japan pt 2”

    • I’d especially love to see your Sayu prediction. I’m hopelessly enthralled by the fact that behind that “dolphin” exterior there beats the heart of a true “shark.”

  8. “Tsuganaga Momoko named as assistant producer for Berrykuu”

    “Little sister Mion, joins Asuna in BerryKuu”

    “BerryKuu leader Mai-mai explains the groups breakout success”

    “Shimizu Saki hired as dance instructor at Hello! Project”

  9. “Tsuji Nozomi announces her pregnany with the 10th child”
    “Sugiura Noa, 20th gen member of Morning Musume is happy and shocked about her mothers pregnancy”

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