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  1. Unfashionable, really? I mean, yeah, she’s no Ai-chan and she’s not as sophisticated as Harunan, but one is way older than her and the other was a model. What do they expect? I think Daaishi is doing great. Except for a few errors I liked her outfits. Her workout clothes are great and bright colored, and that black dress with the red boots was awesome too.
    I think she’ll grow into it, and if not, well then we just call it the Daaishi style, right?

  2. It’s funny that Reina even told Ishida that she has a bad fashion sense at her graduation. You think that would be something they would joke about personally and not on stage. lol

    • Really? I honestly have no clue about what’s fashionable and what’s not (my excuse is being a straight male) but if Reina says it, it must be official then. :)

    • There were a lot of things that could’ve been said personally and off-stage but that didn’t stop Reina. lol She even told Kudo that if she ever wanted any of her goods, all Kudo had to do was ask her (instead of buying them). That’s a pretty casual conversation for any occasion, let alone a graduation ceremony, and I’m pretty sure it was well-intended, since it was pretty obvious that Reina was trying her best to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and happy.

  3. Ishida-chan is adorable, no matter what she wears. I’m not sure where the notion that every idol needs to be a fashion leader comes from, but it seems to come down to only one or two in each group who actually are (and this goes equally well for the HP groups, and the massive XXX48 groups).

  4. It’s kinda funny they dragged other H!P members down with her. I’m surprised nobody tried to make a connection to her suberi-ness and this.

  5. I don’t even get that what are the good points of “being fashionable”. Only arguably people look better with fashionable clothes, personally I don’t think they do but probably some people think about this differently than me. Like the trend of those overly large eyeglasses that Ai Takahashi for example seems to use sometimes even though she doesn’t need glasses, how unnecessary.
    Most of the idols try very hard to be one, put lots of time, energy and money (even thought the clothes were cheap, buying lots of them, like they do, makes it expensive) to it and feel bad if someone tells them that they are not fashionable like seems to happen lots.

    If anything I always encourage people to not being so hang up to these kind of things since person’s real good points, charm points, comes from within, not from the outside.
    Lots of people get picked on because they are not fashionable enough or can’t afford to buy the latest “cool stuff” and so on, sometimes things like that can even make weaker minded persons suicidal, I know a person exactly like that so I really can’t approve this “if you’re not fashionable, you’re not important” kind of attitude that’s going on in many country’s, maybe even in every country. Most likely a fashion free world would really make the world a better place.

    Once I read that one girl that was being badly picked on for years, because she wasn’t as wealthy as her other schoolmates, eventually killed the main person behind this picking, the group’s so called fashion leader. Pretty much only thing she said to the police questioning her was ‘now she isn’t that fashionable anymore’.

    I think Ishida gets some random charm points from me because of this, just like Maimi and Airi. For a change I would really like to see H!P members in videos with some casual clothes like in Ai no Tane and older things like that. Lately all group’s clothes are all in a little bit too much of in a unison, I kind of miss all the random looks people in H!P used to have. Hopefully in MM’s next video they are dressed into a potato sack or something, maybe that would still be a same look for everyone but at least it would be different, and maybe even funny looking since what’s more fun than fun?

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