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  1. Well Morning Musume were pretty much the only japan idol girl group that was popular until AKB came. Thanks to the awesome subbers pike you we get to know them better =] Thanks for the translation i wish i could understand Japanese too =D

  2. I find it so strange that they know so little about us. It’s like we live in a separate world, so far away that when someone goes there, and happens to know even a tiny bit about them, it’s an event. lol They probably have no idea about fansubbers and such…

  3. @Krv: I believe it does, yes. :)
    @gustave154: No prob!
    @Alisa: Hehe, I know what you mean. Hopefully this site can serve to help bridge that gap between us even a tiny bit.

  4. @Alisa It’s not that odd if you consider how little WE know about the French-speaking fan community. There’s an undoubtedly a pretty sizable number of them, but aside from the occasional French-speaking forum member and occasional French subbed video, how much do you know about them? This is just an example, but I think you see my point.

    There’s entire communities within the international fan base that we know virtually nothing about just because they don’t speak English. Despite how much material we share in common, there’s so little cross-language communication among us that we tend to think of the English-speaking online community as the whole international fanbase. But that’s just because of how widespread English is. French-speaking and Mandarin-speaking fans are of sufficient numbers that there’s almost no reason for them to go to English-speaking sites. It’s like they’re invisible to us, but they undoubtedly exist.

    By the way, I think the Beethoven nickname for Tsunku came from the episode of Mechaike with the Okajo Chorus Club. (c. 2004) They had an older guy who said he was like Mozart and Tsunku was Beethoven.

  5. I notice that you didn’t explain “akekasu”
    If you haven’t did it in a previous post, akekasu refers to over-zealous AKB fan that resides in 2ch. Never seen the term spoken when i went to Japan. And its also a derogatory term so I wouldn’t recommend to use it in casual conversation with other idol fans

  6. @Slack: That’s a good point you made about us simply not knowing about all of the non-English speaking foreign fans. I recently ran across a Spanish (I think it was) translation of one my earlier Ohatsuu highlight posts, and it had a huge amount of comments — probably to the point where, like you said, there’s really no need for them to force themselves to speak English on H!O when they have easily enough Spanish speakers to keep themselves busy. Call me stupid, but I’d no idea they had such a huge community. Likewise, I wouldn’t except the Japanese to have too much of an idea as to what we’re up to.

    @Don: Whoops! You’re right, I forgot to put in the TL note. Thanks for the heads-up.

  7. I think the best thing to do is go on Alexa and look up some of the audiences for H!O and Stage48 and the like, you’ll see that France, Mexico and Indonesia make up a huge percentage of the fans, though most of them probably only use the tracker. It’s the same on LI, I have a huge percentage of Indonesians and Russians reading it, though for obvious reasons US and UK are on top.

  8. lol. why haven’t I seen this before? I’m from Austria^^

    And Morning Musume is not popular here. And Austrian people don’t have a special “sense” for music. We also don’t listen to classical music that much (I have the feeling that Japanese people listen to it a lot more!). People always think that, but sorry, I have to disappoint you. And Beethoven actually is not from Austria. xD

    hilarious thread. thanks for translating!

  9. #34 I see what you mean

    I’ve liked H!P since 2006 a few a month after discovering Youtube.

  10. I started listening to Momusu just after the release of Memory Seishun no Hikari. Nacchi and Johnson were hot in that. From there, just kept following them. Wasn’t until maybe 2008, when I started getting into Berryz and C-ute.

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