10 comments on “Oda and Ishida go out to eat together — Ishida looks super bored!

  1. These poor Ayumi jokes are pure gold, considering these are made by fans of Daaishi herself.

    And the funny thing is, some foreign Ayumi fans get really pissed off at these.

  2. Haha, another Poor Daaishi thread lol…. I wouldnt say she was bored, just super focused on the food… I can only imagine the pure excitement that went through her head when they announced they were having the Wanko Soba battle last year lol… If i remeber correctly she placed like 4th with over 80 bowls eaten :) Dont mess with Daaishi when foods around, its not often she gets to eat the good stuff lmao

  3. OdaSaku must be in on the ‘poor Daishi’ joke. Why else would she pick such a picture of Ayumin?

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