9 comments on “Loitering Between the Lines of Hello! Project: Part 7

  1. Definitely agree that H!P sexiness has become much more innate. It’s been a bit of a horseshoe. In the beginning they had some older, worldlier members, so they knew how that sexiness worked, but then there was a crop of younguns getting pushed into it early. So you ran the gamut of real sexy to cringe in the likes of Sexy 8, 7AIR, and ROMANS.
    But then as we get to the end of the Twilight Age, starting to reach Platinum, all those kids are growing up, so it feels genuine again. And then Kpop was getting popular, so the new kids were growing up with a better sense of how to dance. There was still an awkward transition for Colorful, but UFA didn’t push it, so they could come into their own naturally, and now we see them seizing sexiness for themselves.

  2. I just read this While sitting in the goods line for Juice=Juice’s second concert at Budokan and I can’t help but think about how far they’ve come along their Dream Road. Great reading as always, Henkka!

  3. This was such a good read. Thanks a lot Henkaa! I just don’t get how they don’t understand the lyrics and insta bio they are complaining about. Did you make it easier to undertsand in your translation?

    • Yeah, I was wondering about that myself. I didn’t find it difficult to understand, and I don’t feel that it was an issue of me oversimplifying either the lyrics or the Instagram bio in my translations of them. The lyrics are certainly contradictory (e.g. “rather than dressing up, I honestly prefer just wearing jeans / and yet, I’m once again going to dress up tonight”), but it’s not like the average person doesn’t constantly do and say contradictory things in their life.

      Like you, I’m curious as to what about it confused these two.

  4. I want that Sharan Q song to play every time there is a drama moment in my life:

    -The boss catches me slacking off at work.

    -I try to buy a bottle of vodka at the liquor store, but I realize I don’t have enough money.

    -I accidentally fart in front of a cute girl.

    -I read on wotaintranslation.com that a naked man was discovered in Yaguchi Mari’s closet.

    • Hehe. I’d try that. I have a feeling though that while it’d be kind of amusing at times like when you’re sitting on the toilet and you realize you’re all out of toilet paper (♪ CHARA-CHACCHACHA! ♪), it’d probably get old at other times… The idea of a “♪ CHARA-CHACCHACHA! ♪” when waking up to a massive hangover doesn’t sound inviting.

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