6 comments on “Loitering Between the Lines of Hello! Project: Part 1

  1. As I was working on this column, particularly the first part about “Sukatto My Heart” and all of us simply wanting to be praised in life, I was reminded of this Jordan Peterson clip where he discusses something related. “People love reward, and they love attention. People love attention more than anything else.” You might like this if you found Asai and Yuzuki’s talk interesting.

    • The part where he says that you should reward people for doing good things even if they do it badly at first: Isn’t that how Tsunku’s wife praised him for preparing a meal when she was in the hospital? Soon he was cooking up a storm and trying to prepare better and better meals for her.

      I learn so much through this website. :)

      • Yes, exactly. Good observation. That’s a nice example of this sort of thing in practice.

        I’m glad if you feel like you got something out of the post/video. Honestly, I’ve been on a major binge of Jordan Peterson (and related people) for the past six months or so. I would be spamming this site full of his videos if the subject matter wasn’t so completely removed from what I usually post here.

        In any case, I would highly recommend anyone to look up some of his videos. It’s such a great feeling listening to him and just feeling your mind expand. Here’s a good one to start with — it’s not an accident that this has two million views despite its length.

  2. As always, thanks for all the hard work!
    If there have ever been translations I looked forward to, it is without a doubt these right here.

  3. I’ve always thought the blackberry was his eyes that she loved .
    Reading this makes listening to the songs for fun :)
    Thank you for translating:)

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