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  1. “On the day of our graduation, I’ll probably get confessed to by Eririn under that legendary tree… I have to get my body ready while I still have time.”

    A Tokimemo reference! I wonder what her stat requirements would be.
    Intelligence: 100 (One of us has to be)
    Inner Strength: 2000 (For the inevitable day when she leaves)
    Turtles: 3,000,000

  2. If H!P Girls were all my class mates, maybe I’d attend some classes.
    Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t anyway.

  3. This makes me sad.. I miss Hello Morning..

    848: 名無し募集中。。。 2004/01/20 01:31
    If someone had lost their swimsuit, I would immediately be the first one everyone would be suspicious of.

    I’ll probably be in the same situation as this guy

  4. That would probably be one of the funniest class environments ever.. Can you imagine the likes of Tsuji/Kago, Charmy Ishikawa, Mikitty, Kamei, Maachan, Riho, Ikuta, Daaishi and others all in one class.. I would never want to miss class, perfect attendance for sure.. It seems like every day would be awesomely interesting

  5. 1. Everytime Sayu says she’s cute I’d reply: “No, you’re not”. But during the graduation ceremony I’d tell her: “You know what? You are actually really cute…”

    2. Maa-chan would come to me hiding behind my back when she’s done something wrong. And I’d ask her “What was it this time?”

    3. I’d prank Eripon and pretend to be cursed by her “magic”.

    4. My gaze would end every bullying in the class. Kei might be too grateful, though…

    5. Yosshi would challenge me on any occasions but I’d refuse with the words: “You’d win anyway…”

    6. I’d be the class representative but I wouldn’t like it… Too many troublemakers!

    This might be an interesting scenario for a fanfiction… Maybe I’ll write it on Amino ^^

  6. 1. Student council president would be Hamaura Ayano who would insist everyone call her Hamachan Taisa.

    2. Music teacher Takahashi Ai would be fired from the school for an inappropriate relationship with music prodigy Mano Erina.

    3. Sasaki Rikako, Makino Maria, and Kaga Kaede would form a “mean girls” trio and bully other students, but would always break down in laughter at the end. After several months many girls would get depressed if they were not the victims of these three devils fake bullying.

    4 Fukumura Mizuki would find a different extravagant way of coming to school every day, such as by a fleet of limos, by helicopter, or by a wheelless carriage carried by four retainers.

    5. Fujimoto Miki and Yaguchi Mari would get kicked out of school for subsidized dating.

    6. Shimamura Uta would disappear from school one day with no explanation. Half the boys in school would refuse to date on the assumption that she was coming back.

    7. Takeuchi Akari would pretend to be a boy so that she could play on the baseball team. The ruse fooled absolutely no one but the baseball team pretended that they were fooled so she could play since she was a good player. Because she is short, she would get on base by walks a lot.

  7. I would fell in love with Yukarin(everybody does), one day she moved to another school, I cried, saw on the net she’s dating a boy in her new school. Cries again.

    • Yukarin would promise everybody we would graduate together. You would spend time planning to confess to her then she would suddenly transfer school and join the idol business.

  8. Maa-chan causing a ruckus and getting everyone in trouble except herself. Never studies but is the top in her class
    Duu, oblivious to Maa-chan’s feelings and making her jealous by hanging out with other girls who admire her
    Haruna reading manga during class and doodling boys’ love drawings
    Akane, somewhat naive but an honor student
    Miki, returnee. Also an honor student
    Eripon on her phone during class, gossiping during break. MMA club captain. A trendsetter among the students
    Fukuhime the class prez being admired by every girl in school even though she actually has a secret crush on the kindergarten teacher from the school down the road
    Maria raising her hand for every question even if she doesn’t know the answer and getting upset when she isn’t called on
    Oharu, taking pictures of teachers and students when their backs are turned, doodling on them, and posting them online. Seen by teachers as an exemplar student.
    Ayumi, frequently called on by teacher when least prepared. Eats only watermelon slices for lunch every day.

    • (Cont.)
      Kaede, leader of school band, admired by many for her dedication but unexpectedly awkward
      Yokoyama, school band member, has feelings for their leader but can’t manage to be seen as more than a friend
      Oda, a member of the school choir. Occasionally talks to the star students, but doesn’t have many friends.
      Chisaki, the new transfer student. Still misses her old town but is trying to make new friends
      …somehow this just naturally turned into a schoolgirl yuri setting lol
      Well, better than lots of those perverted 2ch situations
      I hate to self insert but since the thread calls for it, I guess I’d be friends with the honor students and Harunan and admire Fukuhime from afar

  9. I’d definitely be friends with Iida. We’d probably make fun of people like Ogawa or Yasuda.

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