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  1. They would have reoccurring skits where H!P members would play random characters in some off-kilter slice of life drama. And, there would be penguins.

    • ANGERME members would play a bunch of apprentice angels who have the dispositions of juvenile delinquents and are always getting into trouble (like the goseigers). They would always be coming into conflict with Kobushi Factory members who are apprentice ninjas who are actually quite kind but are really embarrassed to admit it, preferring to have a public image of merciless assassins.

      • This is, of course, the plotline of Hello! Station: The Opera, which is broadcast live from the Budokan for 4 hours every Wednesday.

  2. There would be a wedding planning corner for MaaDuus wedding on the stage of Nippon Budokan in 2020 led by Ishikawa and Yossi.

  3. Hello Station at lvl 99 would evolve into Hello! Morning with Michishige coming back to host.. Random OG members would appear as quest every week to compete against our new age Hello Pro roster

  4. “59: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/12/03(土) 00:51:00.91 0.net
    Ayacho would be covered in someone else’s blood while doing her hair arrangement.”

    That “hair arrangement” would pretty much just be her shaving her head and then posing like a Buddha statue.

  5. I like every idea I’ve read so far! especially Miki narrating in english ^^ but let’s see what Sayu is preparing for us… I can’t wait to see her again!

  6. >Henkka: On Hello! Station level 99, you’d have the original five members of Hello! Project doing covers of the more recent songs.

    This is Henkka’s second best comment ever.


    This one is the best.

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