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  1. Not the first time it happens, but it stills amazes me that the OP from the last thread was describing me. I mean, if he was Mexican, curly hair and was never in that event, then that was me.

  2. Another tragic victim of copyright law.

    Gotta have better opsec. Perfect Dark anonymity has long been broken. I wonder if Japan is ever gonna move to something safer.

  3. I wonder if the wota who got arrested was Piro1 from H!O? Sounds just like him.

    Also, on the last thread;
    “95: 名無し募集中。。。 2008/03/23(日) 21:08:11.57 O
    If he was also wearing sunglasses and being all drunk near the entrance, then that was me.”

    I am 99% sure I know who wrote this, for real.

    • I always disliked this. It feels like public execution. The fear factor certainly seems to have worked, I’ll give the entertainment industry that.

  4. 8: 名無し募集中。。。 2008/03/23(日) 20:12:00.16 O
    That might’ve been me.
    (I was at home, though.)

    Might have been me (I was in another country, though)

  5. 76: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/05/03(水) 22:10:45.36 0
    I wonder how they really feel about the fact that they’re singing and dancing on stage half naked with tens of people ogling at them with these things…

    I’ve been wondering the same thing for years.

    • The thought also occurred to me occasionally. In the end, I have probably thought about it more than I should have and without much insight to show for it to boot.

      From how I see it, during the performances it’s probably not a big deal. Depending on the venue, they have hundreds or even thousands of people who are being entranced by their singing and dancing and cheer them on. Applause, member colored glow sticks showing that there are fans who support them specifically and fans chanting their names. No matter who is in the audience, it surely feels rather amazing, maybe even intoxicating. Besides, those who choose the way of the idol seem likely to have a predisposition for that kind of thing. One who loathes any sort of attention presumably wouldn’t even attempt to become an idol.

      Outside of that, it probably depends on the person. We know of a few who do in fact consider their fans to be quite odd.

      Now as far as hand shake events are concerned… I’m a bit more iffy about those. I suppose a healthy does of materialism would help there.

  6. 65: 名無し募集中。。。 2011/04/08(金) 13:19:41.38 ID:0
    This is a huge loss for UFA, no? This guy was doing their promotion for them…

    Yeah basically, its cause of guys like this that most of the international fans get to see and keep up with all idol related media…. I’m always appreciative of the work some wota do to spread the wealth and it sucks that they risk getting arrested for it when they do better promotion than most of the real companies do

  7. And can we get a round of applause for the Ikemen Eripon, they’re really aint many as talented as Ikuta when tryna look like a cool handsome dude

  8. I was watching a live late night tv show once, and the host was ruthlessly making fun of a guy sitting near the front using binoculars. Then he found out the guy was nearly blind and was just trying to see. The host felt so bad. Oops.

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