22 comments on “Things that Maimi seems like she’d have trouble differentiating from each other (+1)

  1. I’ve recently been trying to make that genie dude guess Kanatomo. Not much success yet. I keep getting Chayu, Okai and Reina instead.

    • Japanese Akinator guesses her easily enough. Asked me twice if she is part of Hello! Project too. Those “does the name contain ?” questions are a little odd though.

    • I find he seems to always end up picking Gakisan if he knows it’s an idol, but isn’t sure who.

  2. Took Akinator 29 questions and 2 guesses to get to Kamei Eri, his first guess was Michishige though.. I guess they share an eternal bond even in a random web app… The power of the 6th gen

  3. damn, yuuka so adorable.

    now i read the first thread, im very much like maimi. i cant tell between momo and airi the first time isaw kiss!kiss!kiss!

  4. lol, this reminds me that when I first started following HP and was looking at the other groups beside Morning Musume, at first I thought Airi was Maimi and Maimi was Airi.

    • the first time i heard some white crackers say “they look all the same” when referring to muh favorite idorus, i wanted to break their penis, and sprinkle their wounds with potassium salts. however all i did was hug myself and cry

  5. Creampie, it’s a shame all that sperm was wasted needlessly through your masturbation to Maimi’s pics instead of being used much more productively to seed her womb. After all, Maimi’s already in her twenties and thus is ripe for impregnation. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to fuck her senseless right after I’ve pump 5 litres of my sperm into Mizuki’s womb.

  6. It’s hard enough for me to guess the difference between :
    – Nakanishi & Katsuta
    – Maeda & Kanazawa (in certain pose)

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