18 comments on “S/mileage announces fan problem consultation event!

  1. Well Henkka, if this is ever going to happen you need to hide a recorder in the booth to share her wisdom with everyone afterwards. Sure you could try to just write it down, but with Maachan you need to get every word in the precisely correct order, because you wouldn’t be able to solve her wordplays otherwise. And this seems a little hard without a recording devise…

  2. The way my mind is going today, I can’t help but wonder how many loons will show up and ask something different than what they’d written.

    Also, imma have to follow in Henkka’s path for Maa-chan consultation. I really feel like her particular brand of crazy is just right that it may actually yield helpful (albiet unorthodox) advice for a wide range of troubles.

    • Won’t the written question be passed to the idol to ponder? One minute is short enough for just a spoken answer. If you add the question to that…

  3. Dear Maro,

    I used to be obsessed with idols, but lately I’ve just been obsessed with the stupid shit wotas do. Please help me.

    Yours truly,


  4. That is a pretty cool event, creative with great potential to be entertaining… If this is successful they should do this with other groups… I thnk Oda would be the type to give ground breaking life changing advice while somebody like Kanotomo would give the worst most depressing advice and drive people to suicidal thoughts lol

  5. 59: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/08/07(木) 20:57:29.34 0.net
    “I just can’t seem to forget about Maeda-san. What should I do?”

    63: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/08/07(木) 20:58:19.22 0.net
    Too heavy.

    Lol, yeah that question would probably be banned… It has no answer

  6. I hope there’ll be a thread with results later on.

    Good one.


    It may be a little impolite though…

    Somehow I can really see that happening.

  7. Get Kumaicho to do the consultation.. The wota problems would turn into a new chapter in a philosophy text book.

  8. Honestly I think they’d be best served letting Maro handle all of the consultation.

    Wota would be lining for miles to have her tell them that they’re insignificant compared to her, and should just kill themselves =D

    Hell, I’d line up, too. I’m not even masochistic and yet I’d be fine with Maro belittling me for a full minute…@_@;;;

    >in b4 that other guy posts on here, wanting to ask one of them about what to do with his d*ck or something similarly unoriginal

    • “i wanna start a charity organization to send all finnish wotas to japan , so they would stop being so butthurt, but i have no idea!”

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  10. If wota are free to ask/consult, i guess there will be lots of “Yukarin”-theme or “Maeda”-theme question…

  11. My question would be is why am i so in love with fukuda is her smile is the way her voice sounding beautiful and cute at the same time or the way i see her eyes sparkeling bright and gorgouse with her warming smile that lifts up my day. Asking fukuda her self while entering blind folded and i wonder what her reaction would be if i were to ask that. What you guy think would be her reaction?

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