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      • I see, thank you.

        It doesn’t seem like it would make that much of a difference, spread out over the whole row. Maybe that little bit helps already.

        • Every little bit helps. 1 foot at one side of the aisle and another foot at the other end of the aisle. Sometimes you get lucky and whoever next to you, doesn’t show and there’s a whole empty seat.

          For me, I really don’t care what anyone does at the concert, but I did have a furicopy guy that annoyed me. He was sweating a lot. So if he did a spin, his sweat would fly on me. His dancing became less enthusiastic when I screamed,”WTF” with my American accent.

  1. Good job Henkka, now im completely confused on what to do at my first Morning Musume concert… It seems that either way if i dance or stand still im still gonna look like an annoying asshole lol

  2. “173: 名無し募集中。。。 2010/01/01(金) 22:57:09.95 0
    I’d get it if it was a T-shirt, but why would anyone need to change their underwear?”

    Is this BEFORE the concert or AFTER?

    • If they’re a fatty, probably both. They sweat all over themselves getting there, then sweat all over themselves during the concert.

    • Because deep down in their hearts, they see themselves as the boyfriends of the members.. So they see other wota as their rivals for the ‘love’.

  3. I would recommend just doing the usual calls for each specific song and jumping, pumping your fist up and stuff. That would actually make the girls happy since you’re synchronizing with the song and are sort of singing it together with them. They often comment and show they like the vocal support and name calling but I have yet to see them praise anyone moving around like a retarded monkey. I have never understood the weird ass dance moves some wota make, they definitely won’t make you look any cooler in the eyes of the idols and I’d rather spend my time watching the beauties on stage and maybe even try to catch their eye. Like one of the comments said; they’re idols. It’s a question mark to me how this became part of the idol culture but I would like to see it vanish, since it has only ever been shown to make the wota’s image creepier than it already is.

    • “……. they definitely won’t make you look any cooler in the eyes of the idols……”


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  5. Things change, now they’re less and less wotagei and mixes and more and more people copying the dance moves with their glowsticks. It’s logical since MM are new doing formation dance, and the dance became more elaborate.

    Once, i found an other type of wota, the drunk wota, and it was at an hello project kenshuusei concert, the man start the concert reading is newspaper before sleeping for more than one and a half hour, he wake up to take an other sip and stayed still doing nothing until the end.
    I can’t say he was really annoying, but he breaks the mood a little.

  6. >225: 名無し募集中。。。 2009/01/22(木) 00:02:33.17 0
    >There was this popular form of wotagei of falling from the third floor of the venue.

    >229: 名無し募集中。。。 2009/01/22(木) 00:05:06.27 0
    >That guy’s lucky he didn’t die.

    >227: 名無し募集中。。。 2009/01/22(木) 00:04:23.47 0
    >Ah, the “human stardust.” Not recommended for amateurs.

    Absolutely hilarious ^_^

  7. You know what annoys me at concerts I’ve been to? People who stick their cameras/phones out the entire time and stare at their screens instead of enjoying the concert in front of them.

    Not that there will ever be any problems like that at a H!P concert, since they don’t allow that kind of stuff. Unless cameras will be allowed at the New York concert? I wonder how many first-time H!P concert goers will do actual wotagei there. I don’t see anything wrong with furicopy and the chants, but I think wotagei is too embarrassing.

  8. I’m going for Momusu concert this october so is chanting ok? hope its not too annoying.
    gonna watch all of their recent concerts and remember the chants for their latest songs.

  9. Henkka, thanks for the all the awesome translations! It’s really appreciated!

    I feel it’s relevant to share this recent experience. On 8/3 I was at evening Nakano HP concert (in the 3rd row!). There was a Risako wota to my left. He spent most of the concert leaning on his arms on the chairback in front of him while looking down. When Berryz starting singing he still didn’t move. Then, Risako sang a line. This guy absolutely flipped out. He went from perfectly still to repeatedly bounding a foot in the air flailing his penlights and then back to being still again. The first time he did this I almost had a heart attack but once I figured out what was going on it didn’t bother me at all. He didn’t land on me and he didn’t obstruct my view so I figure ‘whatever makes him happy’. What puzzles me though it why anyone would spend so much for a ticket and not even watch the whole show. Does he really think Risako his imaginary girlfriend is going to be upset if he watches the whole concert? Btw, I was jumping around like crazy the whole time and so was everyone around me, yeehaw!

  10. I know this is very old, but I was reading it now and got confused… Is yelling “Risako”, “Momoko” during songs considered wotagei?

    • As I understand it Wotagei is considered to be the fan dancing.

      On the other hand, screaming the name of one particular idol continuously during an entire concert would probably annoy both people not doing wotagei and people not not doing wotagei.

      • I mean after they sing a line, people at concerts scream the idol’s name. I always thought it was normal, now I’m not sure

        • Sometimes, as in Pittari Shitai X’mas! by Petitmoni, name checks are built into the song (L O V E Lovely Hitomi), so at least some of it would be considered normal, but I am sure lots of wota overdo it and become annoying.

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