19 comments on “Kumai Yurina is as beautiful as ever (+3)

  1. Now people had been pointing that out, i thought Kumai was just one tall girl. but damn, she got asss! and that makes her sexier that i had ever thought… nomnomnom

  2. First screenshot in the ‘ass thread’ just shows that splurging for the Blu-rays is so damn worth it.

  3. The pillar of beautiful airheadedness, after all!

    Also, 2ch’s logic is undeniable: the map shows you where all the treasures are, right?

  4. Ehh, her ass may be good but you cant be calling her the queen when the largest ass in all the idol world is in the same group as her.. Momo’s ass may be the nicest ever to be on an idol…

    Never really got on the Kumai train though, not because she’s to tall but she never really struck a cord with me… Out of the Berryz, the captain does it for me, dont think are many idols out there prettier than she is

    • [Comment deleted. Do me a favor and cut back on the stupid bullshit a little. -H]

      • No problem, but where is the line? Banging her butt with a baseball bat till she gets knocked out; is not that extreme; or is it? I don’t understand how could you draw a line here, you pretty much allowed all kind of dirty comments… It’s your blog; your rules, I very well understand that… but I think you should make it a bit more clear…so when posting comments I can keep in mind where to cut back….

        • I think keep your perversions to yourself as most of us are like Henkka who treat idols as pure idols, not sex objects. Just what I think.

          • airi is puro. he r feet do not sttinko. rayclay is a lie fabricated by evil gaijns; probably those coreans
            >inb4 /pol/

            fug u anon.

            • Ha why do you say corean? Fck off because you think idol as your sex object, but I’m sure that no one won’t sex with you, poor ape

        • Updated the FAQ just for you. Third to last question. What you said in your comment was that you would kill a member if you ever saw her.

        • If you don’t understand where the line is, maybe you shouldn’t waste your time (and ours) here. As I suggested before, create your own website, post all the creepy comments you want there, and keep w.i.t. for the sane people.

          • what I do is none of your business; and if you find my comments creepy and waste of your time… don’t bother with it… and who are you??? freud, carl jung??? keep your psychoanalysis to yourself…

          • hi, this is freud. i am lolcoptering in my grave now. pls stop!

            PS : the fan fiction here shows signs of sexual repression because i like sexual repression. and they’re awfully bad. 2 thumbs down.

  5. Ah, #43.

    I always have mixed feels about having someone’s butt as a pillow.

    What if that person suddenly farts?

    And what if she had eaten lots of bean that time?

    • As weird as some of the wota can be, I hardly think it would be a terribly huge issue.

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