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  1. “Tsuji Nozomi announces solo debut single.”

    She did: Koko ni iru zee for Athena. She had her scandal, though…

    • Yep. Right around January/February when I was seeing them on music shows promoting Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA, Egao YES Nude and Sakura Chirari.

    • 07 was my year too! Man, the awesomeness of Egao YES Nude, GAM, v-u-den, and Goto being at their prime, Elder Club still intact, the start of the beautiful Platinum era…

  2. About Yossy’s graduation date, May 6 was the end of Golden Week in 2007.

    Similarly, Rika-chan graduated at the end of Golden Week 2005 on May 7. (I remember that date specifically, because that was also Konkon’s 18th birthday.)

  3. dude the accuracy of some of these though!

    loved this thread! around the time i discovered h!p~ thanks so much for the translation :)

  4. 219: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/12/30(土) 22:28:24.07 0
    Just who could’ve predicted last year that by this time Kago, Konno and Murakami would all be out of H!P? Hello! Project does the craziest things.

    so true… My biggest wonder is what would of became of a C-ute if Murakami was never fired… That girl was the chosen one and clear choice of center for C-ute… You gotta believe that Airi only made center by default after Murakami was ousted

    • How the mighty have fallen, eh?

      At the time, Murakami was more of a “complete package” where idol prospects are concerned; Yajima and Airi had plenty of visible potential but were not as “polished” as Murakami, thus looked a bit awkward at the time.

      >”what would of became of a C-ute”?

      You won’t find anyone within this timeline that has the answer, sadly. If I had to venture a few guesses, I would think:

      -Chisato never gets pushed to the point she’s at now
      -SHOCK would have had Murakami hogging all the lines instead of Airi
      -We’d have a 3-top of the group instead of the duo of Yajima & Airi, resulting in even worse line distribution for all songs
      -Nakki would still be seen as useless but cute


      • Haha, poor Nacky..She is gorgeous though and more often the most attractive in the group… I cant remember what dvd magazine it was but i remember being blown away by the sex appeal that Nacky had compared to the other members…It was the one in the woods where they were wearing Army camouflage themed clothes

        Chisato would def be pushed to the back if Megumi was still here, hoping for the H!P sports so she can have a chance to shine lol

        Yajima wouldnt have to sing anymore, it would still be a Duo just with Murakami and Airi getting all the lines… Yajima would just be the tall pretty captain who could beat everyone in a race and arm wrestling

        that scenario would be interesting though cause we would have a lot more chances for the Maimi/Chisato rivalry since there roles in the group would be diminished…. I would pay for a Cute Dvd magazine featuring them two competing against each other for pride of the most athletic

      • Everything happens for a reason. C-ute had to hit rock bottom for them to rise as they are now. There is no scenario I can come up with in my head that has them elite without a Chisato push. That Chisato push doesn’t come without Nakky putting her foot up Chisato’s arse.

  5. This is crazy.. I became a fan in 2007 as well… just before Panda’s debut. Kanashimi twilight was super cool back then. XD

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  7. so do i! i became a H!P (actually a MM first) fan at 2007 just before JunLin debut.
    2007 is wonderful year!

    222 is the winner!

  8. 156: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/12/30(土) 22:11:48.69 0
    “This is Aibon’s portion!”
    …says Tsuji, as she hands over half of her salary to Kago.

    Awww. :(

  9. I stopped being a fan of Hello!Project in 2007, and just got back to being a wota late last year. Wow. So much memories.

  10. 18: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/12/30(土) 21:38:31.29 0
    Musume’s CD sales drop to around 20,000.

    those were the wonder year. platinium era could do worse than that.

  11. As a long-time die-hard Momusu fans (since 2001, since Koko Ni Iruzee), i think 2007 is a breaktrhough, the end of Golden Era & Begining of new Era (Platinum).

    I saw Momusu started to decline around 2005s where all the scandal was started, first started in 2004s i think when Nacchi plagiarism scandal blew, an then Yagucchi dating scandal, then Kaorin shotgun pregnancy, Tsuji did it too. Again Nacchi car accident, Aibon’s smoking scandal.

    That time i think people in general saw Momusu not as a pure Idol anymore. Beside that the mass graduation led to “unknown” line-up in less-public recognition. But miraculously In that time we saw huge potential new fans joined Momusu fandom (maybe they weren’t into Momusu in Golden Era).

    Well, i’m just an old-fan, become fans for more than 14 years, since my school-hood into present time.

      • Yup 2001 for knowing them, but loving their song since Koko ni Iruzee.. It’s been a long time btw, time goes by.. And tbh, my love for MM decline in 2007-until One-Two-Three saved me back..

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