28 comments on “Who has the most beautiful sleeping face in H!P?

  1. Henkka: Sayu looks flawless in that last one.

    The last one had to photoshopped. I don’t think Sayu would go to sleep wearing Momo’s t-shirt LOL

  2. All time – Kamei, Yuukarin, or Captain
    Current – Maa-chan hands down no question, Take-chan gets 2nd place though

  3. I don’t know but I kinda felt like moving to Maachan’s side.
    I’m so sorry Sayashi-san

  4. Chinami always my all time fav, and you get to see those quite often. But Maachan is also unbeatable cuteness

    • Haha, good ol yaguchi beating up on Okamura Sensei… He should have picked a different target since Yaguchi was the closest thing to the yankee character with Yuko graduating and the 6th gen not there yet

      The sleeping part starts at around the 39 minute mark for those who havent seen the Field Trip special and dont feel like watching the whole thing

    • Being that there are already things like bikini shots while the girls are awake, I’m somewhat concerned about fhe shit some derp might try to pull in an “all sleeping” version.

    • Sayumi’s releasing that MM’14 photobook. I bet there will be a chapter dedicated just to the sleeping shots. (There better be anyway!)

    • Next one: who’s the best in bed when they’re not sleeping (oh, I can already count the thumbs down…)

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  6. Kamei wins! Currently though, Riho wins hands down. Cute as in, not quite beautiful but she’ll get there when she’s older type (hope that made sense). Maachan is definitely the cutest in terms of childishness or like a puppy a.K.a Aibon cuteness.

  7. Kamei, Riho, Meimei, and Karin are all real strong contenders, but Ma-chan wins over all. She is somehow even more cute asleep.

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