14 comments on “Oda Sakura strikes against the Cheering for Niigaki-san Party! What now, Ikuta?!

  1. So this means that act of the obsessed Idol is working, otherwise they wouldn’t take it any further. IMHO it’s sad.

  2. I think it’s cute actually, the idols should have someone to idolize to. Wether its an act or for real… well that I can’t tell

  3. bahaha she’s weird but in a good way =)
    I’ll gladly join in your noble crusade Secretary-General Sakura!

  4. I believe that Oda genuinely wants to support Gaki-san. She *did* say that Aichan and Gaki were who she looked up to when joining, rather than lying and saying it was someone currently in the group.

    On the other hand… Ikuta inherits Gaki’s green -> Oda inherits Ikuta’s purple (lavender w/e)

  5. is this a round about way of saying that Oda-chan is a Ikuta wota??? she is flashing a lot of green in a recent pick I saw (wearing a purple “swag” tee), glowsticks and all…

    I like her obtuseness. between her and Maa-chan, Momousu is quite interesting lately!

  6. Niigaki ← Ikuta ← Oda lol, thats exactly how it is… I love the fact that my 3rd favorite current member Oda loves my current #1 and oshi Eripon… I support this setup whole heartedly cause i can tell Oda’s love for Eripon is def not business just like Eripons love for Gaki… They need to just make her an Honorary 9th gen member and dissolve her 11th gen title lol.. Even better if the just oust Zukki and give Oda the newly empty 9th gen spot lmao (cant wait to see how many zukki fans downvote me now lol)

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