17 comments on “Details of H!P Countdown! Taiyou to Ciscomoon & Melon Kinenbi to make a one-night comeback━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!

  1. If W and JunLin came back that’d be enough reason to fly to Japan. I realize the latter has about a snowballs chance in hell.

    • I’d say the same for the former since they can’t even say Aibon’s name in public. In an OG and new Momusu interview a few years back Yaguchi kept referring to her as ‘that person’ so it was obvious that Kago’s name was completely washed out of the company. A reforming of W would have been heavenly but it’s just never going to happen.

      Plus Aibon is busy forming her new band…

      • Agreed. JunLin were more or less kicked out, but they still left on favourable terms with the company. It’d be pretty unlikely that UFA would invite them back for this thing, but still not completely impossible.

        Aibon on the other hand…

  2. Eri/Jun/Lin would be too amazing. I would be pissed that I couldn’t be there in person for that, if it were to happen. If they could gather all of the non-UFA OG Musume and have them perform with the current gens, that would be nice too.

    I’m really excited to see T&C Bomber though!! Except for the no Ruru part.

    As for who I legitimately expect to be there… Goto was my first guess.

  3. PANDAS!!!!!! If the panda’s ever came back for a show i might have a heart attack but it would be worth it

  4. I wanna c Miki and Yossy…pls post a video of it on youtube! Come on H!P!!! I would probably like to c the whole of H!P perform together (past and present) if thats possible…but i cant go to Japan!!! WHY?!?!?!?! Mb a song like the first Hello no Theme or All for One and One For All? Pls hv a youtube video of itt or else i cant watch itt!!!

  5. Man, if Aibon made an appearance, people would start crying their eyes out lol. I’m just hoping for Eri/Jun/Lin, and that’d be enough honestly. Maybe even Yaguchi =X

  6. Are you serious Henkka? Somehow I haven’t had the impression that any of them have much interest in returning to Japan. But if UFP is paying the expences, who knows?

  7. I’ll say it now so I can say I told you so later. Sayumin is going to announce her graduation at this event.

    Don’t jump on me I’m not the least bit happy about the idea.

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