12 comments on “So I was listening to “Renai Revolution 21” (2000) and I noticed that the singing used to be completely different

  1. Yeah, no matter what they do people will say they like the original more lol. I do think the EDM changes the whole feeling of the song too

  2. These types of threads are the most interesting… I was not around during the golden era, but it just seems so fantastic. I need to be studying the golden era more.

  3. Time isn’t always an ally for a musical group’s sense of identity. Morning Musume has been around for 20 years. It’s changed over time and in the absence of Tsunku as a direct production force. I don’t remember the last time I saw current Musume perform either song (Renai Revolution 21 or Love Machine) in its entirety and faithful to the original choreography, which suggests quite sadly a deliberate move away from that heritage.

    The wota who identified the difference between the products of artists and idols was more right than they could have known, and the other who pointed out how Oda is conscious of how older songs should sound was also right, too. Oda has commented before that part of the charm of the Golden Era was its simultaneous brashness and lameness. Now it seems that current Musume treat, or are told to treat, RR21 and Love Machine as “expected” parts of their performances–and when things are expected, they aren’t often respected as much as they should be.

    This was a great thread, but a sad one too. Current Musume SHOULD perform the Golden Era songs with all the same bravado and awkwardness as the Golden Era, not because the Golden Era was “better” in the way younger people like to dismiss the opinion of their elders as nostalgia, but simply because that is the way the songs are meant to be performed. If they can’t do it naturally, they should learn how to do it, because that is part of their job, too.

  4. I remember when SPEED’s Imai Eriko made a comment around the time The Peace! came out saying that idols were (at the time) focusing less on talent and more on personality. Since Morning Musume was the top idol at the time it was obviously a remark about their ‘lack of talent.’ Looking back and comparing them to all the mainstream idols you’ve got now, they’re much more talented than they got credit for. It’s just that back then, Golden Era was coming hot off of the Okinawa Actor’s School (the school Hiroshima Actor’s School was based off of) boom where their acts had a few years of training before debut and THAT’s the level they were being compared to now. Even Tsunku once said he was frustrated that 1st-3rd gen couldn’t dance like MAX and perform like SPEED. But again, looking back, they were all quite good. Even 4th gen! But that’s because there was a larger and more diverse audition pool to pick from.

    And speaking of Tsunku’s recording directions: Koi no Dance Site’s recording is amazing. It’s crazy to think Goto’s adlibbed flubs actually made it into the song and became actual lines lol.

  5. Sometimes i wonder if older fans have watched any old performances in the last month or even years.
    The song has not really changed and the “smug” face was only in a small part of the MV. Every performance is smiles all around. Great song tho loved it when it came out and still do <3.

  6. They talk about DMM’s performance of Shabondama, and that was legitimately awesome, but the OGs were all still around as Elder Club when that came out. I don’t think many of them would be able to handle some of the rhythm-heavy songs Colorful excel at today, like JeraJera or even Saturday Night. The current members have learned to be bouncy in their vocals in a way the OGs didn’t. I don’t know if some of the early gens could capture the vibe of certain Platinum songs, either, like SYO or SONGS (other than Goto, ofc).

    That said, Johnson cover of Lullaby Game when.

    • You’re a little off with the timeline there. Dream Morning Musume was only formed two years after the Elder Club had graduated.

      • No, my point was that the members of DMM were still in H!P when Shabondama was released, so they had a good familiarity with the song. (Even if Elder Club technically wasn’t formed in 2003, either.)
        In contrast, some of the youngest current MM members weren’t even born yet when LM and RR21 were released.

  7. “5: 名無し募集中。。。 2019/05/03(金) 00:10:47.99 0.net
    If anything, it’s now ANGERME with the whole “we’re the best!” aura.”

    Yup. It’s crazy that they don’t sell better than they do, because they’ve been the top group in H!P for a few years.

    • Momoclo is inarguably the top lady idol group in Japan right now, and they sell horribly. CD sales don’t reflect popularity anymore. Live tickets and TV/film/CM gigs are the true measure.

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