25 comments on “Which H!P members do you picture as the angel and the devil on your shoulder?

  1. Angel : Pre-2017 pre-photobook loli Musubu in PBJL outfit, but with wings
    Devil : Post 2017 post 1st PB Funachan in that baby blue bikini, but with matching color horn and tail

    They’re fighting for my conscience whether I should I slap my salami to her PB lol. You know what I’m sayin’, homie?

    Joke at the angel because I tendered my loins to PBJL live once. Haha

  2. Angel – Usa chan peace Michishige
    Devil- Poison Tongue Michishige

    Rokkies Version
    Angel – Michishige
    Devil – Reina
    True Neutral (AKA doesnt care what you do at all) – Kamei
    That nagging judgmental voice you think you keep hearing in the back your mind – Mikitty

  3. Angels: Fukuhime, Sakura, Chelsea, Akanechin, Kaedy, Rinapuu, Kassa, Yukanya, Kanatomo, Karin, Manakan, Reirei, Sako, Rikoriko, Risamaru, Omizu
    Devils: Eripon, Maria, Maa, Yokoyan, Chiichan, most of Anju minus Rinapuu and Kassa, Yamakii, Saorin, Maopin

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