4 comments on “Tsunku♂ Love Theory: “The Angry Woman”

  1. Man, Johnson really is the greatest thing to watch whenever she’s on screen, in performance or in variety, because her face is always giving a strong emotion, often at odds with what she’s doing with her body. You can see the gears whirring in her brain really hard, especially hwne she gets angry, and I think that’s the point Tsunku’s going for here. When other girls get mad, it’s not cute because they put their guards up. With Iida, her getting angry actually makes her more transparent, and because there’s a lot going on to see when it happens, she’s more fascinating to watch, more cute.

    • I think you’re absolutely on-point as to what Tsunku was trying to say in this chapter. That’s definitely the way I read it as well.

      I’d say if there was one underrated Morning Musume of all time, it could well be Iida Kaori.

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