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  1. I’ll act like a new fan from today.

    OMG Akari (Uemura) is so beautiful #Thinspo! but don’t you guys think it’s disgusting that older men use these photobooks to fap to?
    fuck everybody who doubted Ruru, she was the best Kenkussei ever! I can’t wait to hear her singing Don’t be Spiteful, but Embrace Me~ I think Ruru is my Kamioshi ?

  2. “OMG, another graduation! There’s no reason to live anymore.”

    “Hello! Project will never, ever come to America. If you believe there’s the slightest of chance of any H!P group performing in a western country, you don’t understand how Japanese think.”

    “My favorite is graduated and I already accepted it. It’s a good moment to leave the H!P fandom. This hobby wasn’t going to last forever anyways.” LOL

  3. Hello everyone! I just heard that Morito Chisaki just joined Morning Musume. Does that mean that she’s a little bit country and a little bit morning?

    My favorite H!P idols are the ones who are hot messes. I mean, what’s the point of rooting for someone who is already good?

  4. Hey guys!

    Love Yukanyan or die :)

    Thanks!!! I’ll come back to preach in the name of Yukanyan later tonight! See you! :D

  5. Hi Guys! I just found out about the Morning Musume and my favorite is Maki Goto but I just found out that she will graduate? So I guess I’ll support her solo career from now.

  6. Hello minna! ^^
    At first my favorite member of Morning Musume was Hitomi Yoshizawa. And I still have such a girl crush on her!1 >////< But a friend of mine just burned me DVDs with footage of some funny tv shows with Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji and now they are my favorites! They are so kawai~
    Just found out that they will leave to focus on W some time soon. I love W so much!!!!! :3 I'm sad that they are leaving Morning Musume. TT___TT But I'm sure they'll become even more successful in the future!
    Anyway after they leave Hitomi will be my favorite again in Morning Musume and I will support them and W equally from now on! XDDDD nya~

  7. Ohayo~nya!!
    That means good morning in Nihongo!! Watashi wa Umanokao!!
    Nihongo means Japanese in English!!(*0*)/
    I know cause I know how to speak Nihongo, not because I used google translate or anything!!!
    My favourite モーニング娘。 ’17 member is Ayaya! She is my bias for sure!!
    She’s the one with the short hair! Too bad she’s quitting…(TwT)
    My favourite モーニング娘。 ’17 song is Selfish Easygoing Jokes of Love, and also The Peasoup! I kinda think it’s weird how in the video for The Peasoup there are all those bathroom stalls though…. (‘-‘;)
    I like alllll the old モーニング娘。 ’17 songs, cause they were all good! All the Gold Age songs were good, there WAS NOT A SINGLE BAD ONE! I KNOW CAUSE I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT モーニング娘。 ’17 BECAUSE I’VE BEEN A FAN A WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!1!
    So for the noobs out there, the Gold Age is back when モーニング娘。 ’17 used to be good, when Tanaka Reina was the leader.
    In Nihon, they put the last names before the first names, so her actual name is Reina!!!!!!!
    I knoe cause I am Nihonese!! I live in Beijing, Tokyo!! WWWWWWW
    I like the animus, too. Animu is what the call anime(pronouced an-eem) in Nihon!!
    I saw the モーニング娘。 ’17 animu! Did you see it? Its called AKB0048
    Anyway, my fav jpop groups are モーニング娘。 ’17 and BTS. Mhmm.


    what does desu mean btw

  8. Hi guys. My name is Teranya♀. I’m really him!
    I hope to have your continued support.

  9. Hi guy! I just fell in love with moningu musume and my favorite generation is the 6th! I hope this Sayumi can sing but I will support her anyway because she’s really cute and modest! Please be my friend so we can talk about them!!

  10. Konnichi wa!
    I daisuki morning musmue
    Kanon is my favorite, she’s sooooo funny X3
    I think she’ll be the leader 10 years from now
    My fav song is One Two Three, I wish they could keep making songs like that UwU
    Lately their songs don’t sound as good though… is Aki-P still making them?
    Also, I wish they would do a collab with BTS… I think they could learn a lot from kpop’s style ;D
    Bai bai minna xD

  11. I found this obscure old show that Morning Musume was on called “Utaban”! It’s really funny and I couldn’t recommend it more. Just thought I’d share my discovery with the community :)

  12. Hi everyone! Konnichiwa

    Please can anyone seed Morning_Musume_PV_Collection_DVD02.iso
    I’m 98.88% now..T_T


    @DarkScorpion Sir, please top calling Aika a fugly dog, that is very rude.

  13. Iida Kaori is my girl, I bet she is actually really cute and has a nice nature when working with her <3. She must be a really down to earth leader, with little temper. What a patient idol. Somebody so innocent would never be found drunk in the lap of a man, right? And if, she would never marry him!!!

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