9 comments on “Tsunku♂ “Dakara, Ikiru” Chapter Two: An Endless Nightmare (2014.2 ~ 2014.10)

  1. What a touching chapter!
    It’s good to hear about his family and his thoughts on MM.
    I look forward to the next chapter of his life. Thank you so much for taking on this project!

  2. A great read, and big thanks for bringing it to those of us who 日本語に話さない。
    I hope you plan to translate more, but I understand what a lengthy endeavor it must be.
    Thanks again!

  3. A little over a year since the events in New York he described in this chapter, Tsunku got to spend Christmas there this year, finally getting to see and do some of the things he couldn’t in 2014.


    PS. I just finished translating the next chapter. Just have to make the time to proofread it.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I was there at the concert. I hope Tsunku felt the love from the fans, I hope he saw the people crying in the audience because this meant so much to them, that it was literally a dream come true. The man and his music has done a lot for me and I hope even in a small way, however infinitesimal, I was able to pay that back.

  5. Thank you for making this available. 2020 now. I just got back from a long time away from following H!P events. I had my own health life events to tend to for a few years. I am shocked at discovering this had happened. I am happy to know he is doing better for his family sake. To me, Tsunku is a very big gift to the World in so very many ways and for so many reasons. I would like to thank him personally if I could. I hope he is able to be granted many more years to be with his family and friends. Tsunku #1 Guy! Arigatou Tsuku-san.

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