21 comments on “The voluptuous eroticism of Maro

  1. “The voluptuous eroticism of Maro” must go on some list of thread topics I never could have predicted 8 years ago…

  2. I’m glad she stopped that Cinderella act and went full sexy. She has a beautiful face, body and personality, but that Cinderella thing made me ignore her for a while.

    The new S/mileage has a very bright future indeed!

    • Well actually shes not really pushing the sexy image so much herself.

      It’s more like thats what the wotas want and so they are focusing on it lol.

  3. Like Aryiasu Momoka or the teenaged Aibon, she’s got the kind of cuteness I melt for. Gimme a cutie over a beauty anyday.

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  5. You guys are disgusting. Why can’t you appreciate females for their inner beauty?

    A woman with a very attractive body and hot clothing doesn’t mean that you just have to feel sexually attracted to her. Listen to their voices, enjoy their dancing (not “whore dancing” like that new C-ute DVD…), laugh at their jokes… But please stop feeling attracted just because they’re beautiful and wear bikinis.

    You are ruining the idol fandom for the rest of us.

    • Well thats fine, being homosexual is completely accepted these days so nothing to worry about mate :)

  6. Every time i see Maro i can’t stop thinking about her. she is my fav of S/mileage and she is dam too beautiful in my eyes.

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