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  1. > Moments when you suspected you might actually be a woman

    Lately, watching The Girls Live has become dangerous in this regard…

  2. Moments when you’ve had to stop and ask yourself what you were even doing & Things you did spontaneously while under the influence of alcohol

    True story….. after drinking last night for Cinco De Mayo came home and tipsly browsed through idol related sites to discover that Morning Musume is coming to New York this October… Got so excited i fell out the chair and yelled “Yessss” loudly at like 3 in the morinin… Grabbed the first card out of my wallet and tried to pay for a concert that hadnt even been scheduled yet with what turns out to be a expired health insurance card….At that point i realized i was bugging out and had to take my ass to bed

    • I hope to see you at the October 5th concert! I’ll be trying to attend, as well, providing the tickets don’t sell out within mere minutes =P

      • unless im six feet under, i will definitely be there… Realistically probably the only chance i will ever have to see this group perform and im not gonna regret not taking the opportunity

  3. My whole life, women have always been obsessed with how long and curly my eyelashes are. One night in a hotel in Tokyo with 4 other women, they asked if they could put mascara on me. I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Since then, I put it on at least once a month. They make your eyes pop!

  4. Moments when you suspected you might be actually woman

    Start to use lot of cute smileys and emoji when writing on my blog

    • Doesn’t everyone on the Internets do that, tho? =D

      Seriously though, yeah, it’s quite the epidemic lately lol

  5. “67: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/02/07(火) 17:40:24.20 0
    I was on my way home from school when I decided to go into the woods and fap.”

    hey if george micheal can “go outside”, i don’t see why japan can’t?

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  7. Moments when you suspected you might be actually woman:

    Watching the hair arrangement segments on Hellsute and wishing I cld style mine that way too.

  8. I’ve passed out on the toilet, as well…

    …I was drunk and at a movie theater with some friends to see “Ultraviolet”. The movie was so boring to me that I thought it’d be a better idea to just fall asleep in the stall, while sitting on the toilet, with my head resting on the toilet paper dispenser on the right-hand wall.

    Eventually, the movie ended and my friends began to wonder where I was. I woke up, still somehow safe in the locked stall, when I heard one of my friends step into the bathroom and call my name several times. Having sobered up from my ~90 minute nap, I was amazed that I had done something so ridiculous. I didn’t tell my friends about it until months later…at the time I just told them I had a stomach ache, LOL. We had some good laughs about it when I eventually told them what had really transpired. =D

    Cheap vodka mixed with a raspberry energy drink is, apparently, a bad combination (at least for me)


    • ultraviolet wasn’t that boring to me. it at least had that gun-kata thing from that other wankfest matrix-wannabe movie called e-something.

  9. 113: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/02/05(日) 22:57:27.51 0
    Tried to cut off excess foreskin with scissors.

    jesus CHRIST

    • Yeah, I cringed as well when I read that post. Your comment pretty much sums up the shock value lol

  10. “Things you did spontaneously while under the influence of alcohol”
    I was drinking with friends in a place where there are some big yellow “pieces of art” that look like giant McDonalds “M” logos. So while me and one of my friends were really drunk, we went under one of those things and pretented we were in McDonalds, laughing our asses off because we though it was fun.

  11. The last topic make me wonder how weird must be to walk in Japanese streets. I mean, it sounds like so many guys follow high schoolers and even elementary school students and is like a common thing. It seems like wearing a skirt is a true danger for a girl in Japan.

    I’m a girl and in my country that kind of stuff doesn’t happen often, I mean there’s stories of rape and shit like that on the news sometimes, but guys in general aren’t obsessed with school girls like Japanese guys.

    I have to admit I’m a perverted fangirl (I have been like that my whole life lol) but still there’s limits when it comes to shows your intensions in public, specially if we’re talking about minors :/
    I’m nobody to judge your perversions if you want to fap to a 14 years old idol when you’re almost 30 or fap to some Loli manga its ok since you’re with your computer and you’re not putting her on risk but when you go outside, please think about her and respect her personal space and do not attend to do anything you’ll regret in the future (plus you could end up in Jail…)

  12. Welp, after scrolling back through a bunch of threads I got here again. I think I win #1 and #4.

    I have written an 80000 word (terrible) dirty novel inspired mostly by four specific H!P members.
    …Phew, feels to good to get that of my chest.

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