16 comments on “I noticed something strange about the cover art of Dance de Bakoon!

  1. 30: 名無し募集中。。。 2010/08/09 22:40:54
    The vengeful spirit of Kanna’s foot!

    My favorite C-ute member back in any way, shape or foot makes me happy lol

  2. Post 33 is correct. I think. Look at the toes and you can guess the left and right foot

      • Though Maimi’s legs really seem weird… They’re so much on the left side of her dress?
        I guess it creates that kinds of image because her dress is kinda going up with some wind.

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  4. ok this was seriously funny, haven’t laugh like this in a while 99 and 115 crack me up xD

  5. Even after figuring out what’s actually going on with their feet, 115 still makes more sense.

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