21 comments on “Change H!P song titles to show discontent towards your company and the people you work with

  1. LOL, i may need a playlist of all these songs so i can get through my own crappy job… These titles really get me, they know my pain :)

  2. 給料さえ貰えば何も要らない (Kyuuryou sae moraeba nani mo iranai)
    As long as I get my salary, I don’t need anything else

  3. I laughed way too hard at these because omg all the overwork/overtime ones apply to my life.

    Here’s a few to throw onto the pile:

    金さえいれば何もいらない (Kane Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai)
    I don’t need anything else if I had money

    貧乏の少女A (Binbou no Shoujo A)
    Impoverished Girl A

    苦労の定義 (Kurou no Teigi)
    The Meaning of Hardship

    いつもと同じ残業で (Itsumo to Onaji Zangyou de)
    Just Your Usual Overtime

    もっと給料ほしいの (Motto Kyuryou Hoshii no)
    I Just Want More Pay

    気まぐれ上司 (Kimagure Joushi)
    Fickle Boss

    首の代わりに (Kubi no Kawari ni)
    Instead of being fired

    What’s Up? まだ会社にいるなのよ (What’s Up? Mada Kaisha ni Iru na no yo)
    What’s Up? I’m Still in the Office

    無職嫌だのままで (Mushoku Iyada no Mama de)
    While I Hate Being Jobless

    賃金奴隷の心理学 (Chingin Dorei no Shingaku)
    The Psychology of a Wage Slave

    Someone please stop me. (You can tell I really hate my job XD)

    • >What’s Up? I’m Still in the Office

      If I had been trying to drink something, it would be all over the goddamn floor right now. Absolutely hilarious =D

  4. 上司かしまし物語 (Joushi kashimashi monogatari)
    Story of my noisy boss

    直感2 ~逃したボーナスは大きいぞ (Chokan 2 – Nogashita Bonasu wa ooki zo)
    Intuition 2 – The bonus we let slip was huge!

    しょうがない 残業が多い人 (Shouganai Zangyou ga ooi hito)
    Helpless, person with alot of overtime

    OK I need to get a life

    • Don’t worry you’re in good company.

      私が辞任前に勝手に解雇されないでね (Watashi ga Jinin Mae ni Katte ni Kaikosarenai de ne)
      Don’t Fire Me Before I Get the Chance To Quit

      (This actually happened lmao)

      • >Don’t Fire Me Before I Get the Chance To Quit

        I’ve been in that position before, too. Up-voted for truth and win!

  5. Ok last ones before bed.

    転職誘惑 (Tenshoku Yuuwaku)
    Temptation to Job-Hop

    サヨナラ “もう社員でいられないの” (Sayonara “Mou Shain de Irarenai no”)
    Goodbye “I can’t stay as an employee any longer”)

    Ok goodnight everyone XD

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  7. 「寝坊です。バイトなのに…」 (“Nebou desu. Baito na no ni…”)
    “I Slept In. Even Though I Have a Shift…”

  8. Salaryman’s Twilight?
    Runaway From Work??
    mina ga kirai?
    Hate! Hate! Hate!
    Take It Easy Forever!
    Drunk all my CIDER
    Internet Marketing
    Slave Forever
    Asian Depression
    My Boss Is A Monkey Dance

  9. WOW, this thread made me laugh even harder than the Unpopular Opinions one where we all bitched the hell out of one another.

    I kept laughing all the way through the translation, and continued for the full length of the comments section! Many of you posted some pure comedy gold here. It seemed fitting that, at the time I read this page, the final altered song title was “BOMB BOMB RUN!” At that point, I couldn’t help but drop my keyboard and roll off the bed, in an unintentionally painful fashion.

    It was totally worth it, though! I can’t just thank Henkka this time; a big thanks to everyone involved in making this thread such a success ^_^

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