13 comments on “How can you guys be so calm?! Nacchi graduated ten years ago today!

  1. She graduated 10 years ago but is still the same way she was back then and thats what makes her hilarious… I’ve never seen anybody like her… The best parts about Nacchi for me were when she hosted Hello Morning and the members would always ridicule her for messing up her hosting duties lol

  2. Henkka, thanks for the Room Share link. I wish it was subtitled, but it was still really entertaining anyway. I want to see more idol singers drunk now too. I don’t know who that guy was, but he was lucky.

    • I approached H!F about me being willing to translate it for them but I don’t think they ever found a timer. I’d be happy to do it if someone could take care of all the rest aside from translation.

        • It’s basically what you see: people hang out, drink and talk about life and love. I don’t think they ever made more episodes than the one though which is a real shame.

          On a related note, for anyone who likes the concept (drunk variety) I do recommend another show called “Hebereke” that was previously hosted by Ariyoshi and now by the same guy who was hitting on Nacchi in Room Share, Chihara Junior. Here’s an episode with Ishikawa Rika, though admittedly she doesn’t get nearly as drunk as Nacchi — but I like to think that just goes to show she knows how to hold her drink.

  3. Nacchi is just way too gorgeous.

    She was THE face of Morning Musume when Momusu was the biggest thing in Japan. Nothing but respect.

    Even in 20 years, Momusu fans will still be talking about Nacchi, Maki, Ai and Sayu. Their legacy is too big. There will be no talk about Momusu without mentioning these girls.

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  5. Thanks for translating this.

    I have a question: does 2ch really looks like in your posts? I mean, there is no (or almost no) haters/trolls/fapers

    Because 4chan’s H!P is a garbage can.

    • No problem.

      While I can’t compare the two sites as I’m not a user of 4chan, I can however say that no, this site is not exactly how 2ch looks like. It does indeed have its share of haters, trolls, spammers and what-have-you. However, before any thread from 2ch ends up here for you to read, it usually goes through two filters:

      (1) the “matome” site (the source I link at the end of the posts) whose administrator removes all spam as well as any other replies according to their own criteria, and
      (2) me, usually resulting in the deletion of even more replies.

      As for my criteria in the selection of which replies to include, I try to mostly keep it to the comments that are relevant/interesting/funny/memorable, keep my own biases at a minimum as much as possible, and most importantly I don’t translate anything I don’t understand myself — whether that means a reference to something I’m not able to research through a quick Google search, or simply just Japanese that I do not yet understand. I’m certainly not a flawless translator, but I want to clarify that if and when you do come across mistranslations on this site, be assured that it wasn’t because I was “guesslating” (usually to blame is either sleepiness, lack of concentration, my incompetency at Japanese, or alcohol).

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