26 comments on “Let’s blame everything on Abe Natsumi

  1. it’s nacchi’s fault that i’m reading this instead of working.

    2002 OMG. when you said old threads honestly i was only expecting like platinum era-ish. i love this! thanks so much for translating, as always!

    • It’s Nacchi’s fault I’m responding to your comment instead of showering. Thus, it’s Nacchi’s fault I smell like shit.

      Thanks! I’m just glad to know there’s still some remaining interest in the H!P of olden days. Based on my observations (all very scientific stuff), it seems like many new fans of the current line-up of members don’t have any interest whatsoever in the history of H!P. I’m guessing the Elder Club graduating and thus making them much less visible is a big part of why.

      • The elder club graduating = Nacchi graduating = It’s Nacchi’s fault current H!P fans have little interest in H!P’s history.

      • I’m a new fan but 90% of my interest is about older times. This and my love to Pre-Platinum MoMusu is Abe’s fault!

  2. So that’s why ?
    It’s actually Abe’s fault that Front National won EU Election in France. Damn you Nacchi !

  3. 39: 名無し募集中。。。 2002/11/28 17:17
    It’s seriously Abe’s fault that Heike never got popular!!!!!

    Lmao, That one may actually be true….
    Still this woman is still frickin gorgeous, even after like 15 years she still is a pretty as when she started

  4. 16 reminds me of Abe (the current prime minister of Japan) was in charge of North Korea related affairs back then

  5. It’s Nacchi’s fault why henkka translated this.
    It’s Henkka’s fault why it’s Nacchi’s fault.
    It’s Nacchi’s fault for being Nacchi and the reason for this thread.
    It’s Nacchi’s fault why I’m blaming Henkka.
    It’s Nacchi Faultception

  6. its nacchi’s fault that i’m now realizing how cute the comment box had become!
    i see cute mizuki and sayashi. does it vary ???

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  8. 1: ZONE <3 I miss ZONE haha

    It's Abe-san's fault that next to no one of her kouhais call her Nacchi!

  9. It’s Abe’s fault that she played “Play Station” all night with a guy so she wasn’t centre at I Wish single! She wishes!

  10. Why the hell is Naked Tsunku singing in the river while flowers are covering his *toot* picture is on the comment box?!

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